What happens when you delete the data of an app on Android?

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Clearing app data on an Android device can be scary because you may not know what you will cause by doing so. Today we will show you what happens when you delete data from an application on Android. We hope that with what you will learn today you will be able to manage your device with ease.

What happens when you clear app data on Android?

Although we have already explained how to delete app data on Android and when you should do it, today we will explain what happens when you do it. Data is one of the parts that an app occupies in a device’s storage mobile, the other parts are the cache and what the app itself takes up.

Before we start, it is important that you know the differences between clearing cache and clearing data, because they are different things. When you clear the cache, the data will be there, but when you clear the data, the cache will also be cleared. Maybe you should also learn if it’s ok to frequently clear cache on Android.

When you delete an app’s data, you’re deleting all app databases and settings. So clearing an app’s data is just like installing it for the first time.

Clear Android app data

If you delete the data of an app, the following can happen to you:

  • The app will start downloading all the settings from its servers when you log in with your account, so you can continue using it without any problem. You will only see the app interface as if you had just installed it and it has your information stored on its servers. This happens with apps that save their data and settings in the cloud.
  • You will definitely lose all the settings and data that were stored in the app. In this case it is like when you log in for the first time in a newly installed app. In this way, the app will only leave on your device some data that has been saved separately, such as photos, videos or audios, as happens in WhatsApp. To delete those photos or videos you must do it separately.

Although the apps save their data in the cloud, sometimes you may lose some settings when you delete the data. An example of apps that store their data in the cloud are Google apps or Facebook apps.

Now what you already know what happens when you delete the data of an app on Androidyou may want to know some apps to erase all the junk on your Android.

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