The possible solutions if your Android mobile stops at the logo

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Today’s mobiles are such smart and complete devices that it seems strange to us when they come up with an error. But you always have to remember that they are terminals that run an operating system, and just like on the computer, this execution can fail.

Now let’s admit that These types of errors are usually quite rare.. The main mobile operating systems (Android and iOS) are designed in such a way that many of their main components are hidden from the user. This prevents you from accidentally deleting a file and damaging your system.

But yes, sometimes the mobile system can fail and if at this moment you are having the problem that your android gets stuck at the power on logodon’t worry, we’ll explain right away why this happens and how to fix it.

If you are here it is because you surely do not know what to do with your mobile. If this is the first time this has happened to you, you should know that Android phone stuck at boot logo problem is quite common. That is why it is a bug for which we have a lot of information and some solutions. There are three main reasons why this happens, and we detail each of them below.

System files have been modified

Android system files have been modified

The most common is that the reason why your mobile is staying at the power-on logo is because the system files have been modified. As we have already said, it is very difficult for the user to make changes to such files because they are hidden. But if you have activated developer options you may have accidentally done something that tampered with the system.

Developer options allow you to delete pre-installed apps, disable certain Android features, and grant special permissions. If you are not very skillful with your mobile settings, We advise you not to activate these options and that you do not experiment with the system files.

System got corrupted while updating

update android firmware manually

The way the Android operating system is updated has improved significantly with the latest versions. But in its beginnings updates used to cause problems when they were not installed or downloaded properly.

For example, if the mobile was turned off during the update process due to lack of battery, this could affect the installation of the new version, which damaged the system and caused the error in question. Fortunately, this is very unusual nowadays. Nowadays, if an Android update is interrupted, it restarts to maintain the integrity and operation of the system.

Malwares and files that infect the system


Although it is very rare, sometimes this error occurs because the mobile has been infected by malware or virus files. The security policies of the Google Play Store are not the best (there are apps in this repository that have viruses).

However, it is very rare that your applications have malicious files powerful enough to harm the operation of the operating system. Most often this happens when you install a APKs from unknown sourcessince these usually have much more malicious and dangerous malware.

How to solve the problem that the mobile stays in the logo

This problem is easy to fix. However, most likely you will lose everything you had saved in the terminal. If you are one of those who have activated the backup of the system and of Google Photos, you will not have problems to recover all the content of your terminal.

But if you don’t use any backup methods, we recommend that you Try to connect your mobile to the computer. Hopefully, the PC will recognize the device even when it is hanging on the power on logo and you will be able to save all your information. If you have already managed to make a backup of the mobile, try the following two solutions:

Start the mobile in safe mode

safe mode Samsung Galaxy A71 (2(

On some Android mobiles it is possible to start the safe mode before the phone stays in the power on logo. This mode disables the latest apps and settings received by the system. That way, if the problem is caused by an app you just recently installed, you’ll have a chance to delete it.

The way in which the safe mode is entered varies depending on the mobile. Here we teach you how to do it on a Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei mobile. If you do this and still the problem has not been completely solved, unfortunately you will have to resort to the solution that we explain below.

The last option: factory reset

In the event that the above has not worked, you have to use the last resort: factory reset the mobile. This will completely solve the problem that the phone is frozen at the power on logo, but you should know that you will lose everything you had saved in it (photos, files, contacts, apps, etc.). Doing it is very easy, just follow these steps:

  • The first thing you have to do is turn off the mobile. To do this, you just have to press and hold the power button.
  • The next thing is to enter the Android Recovery Mode. To do it you have to simultaneously press the power button and the volume up button until the phone vibrates. If this doesn’t work, do it with the volume down button.
  • Once you do that you will be in the Recovery Mode menu. To navigate in it use the volume buttons and to choose an option the power button. now you have to look for Hard Reset or Wipe Data option (changes name depending on the mobile). Press it and that’s it, your mobile will start to restore.

In this simple way you can solve the problem of your Android without having to pay a technician. If you have any questions let us know in the comments.

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