How to use and add stickers on Telegram

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Stickers have become one of the funniest elements that we can use in our chat conversations. AND Telegram is one of the great exponents when it comes to using this type of drawing.

More than anything because Telegram was one of the first to adopt the stickers so that the users of its platform could have fun using these funny drawings.

We have already told you some telegram tricks that you shouldn’t miss, like how to set up a bot to answer messages for you. And now it’s time to show you how to use the stickers and how to add more stickers to your account to surprise your friends.

Using stickers on Telegram is very easyuse telegram stickers

The first thing you need to do to send a sticker is to open any conversation. Inside it, you will see a symbol at the bottom right. In the case of this tutorial, GIF appears, but the smiley face may appear if an emoticon is used before, or the icon of the stickers. The important thing is that you click on the symbol that appears under the red arrow that we have marked.

Once inside, you will see three symbols appear at the bottom. As you may have imagined, you just have to click on the third one, which is the Telegram stickersand choose the one you want to send.

Do you want to add more? Well, you just have to click on the “+” button marked with another arrow and you will be able to see all the stickers that are available on Telegram. The truth is that they are very limited, but you can add more.

How to add stickers on Telegram

add telegram stickers

There are several ways to add stickers to Telegram externally. One of them is as simple as clicking on the link of any of the stickers available in our compilation.

You can also download a application to add stickers to Telegram. We have selected Stickers for Telegram because we simply consider it to be the best, but you can try different options.

Once you have downloaded the application (we will leave you the link at the end of the article), all you have to do is open Stickers for Telegram and you will see different options available. Select the one you like, click on install stickers and add them to your Telegram account. Easier impossible!

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