How to save or download someone else’s WhatsApp status

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WhatsApp is one of the most used applications on a daily basis, you must spend a large part of the day using it yourself. Statuses are a fundamental part of this application, and you will surely see a lot of them throughout the day. If you want to save them on your mobile, we will show you how can you download whatsapp statuses In a simple way.

WhatsApp does not have an option to save other people’s statuses. However, there are methods to be able to download them, but the bad thing about that is that you will have to install some apps, although it is not complicated at all. doYou are encouraged to learn how to save the WhatsApp status of your contacts?

The traditional method to save states: screenshot of WhatsApp states

whatsapp states

This is the only option where you don’t need to install an app. What you should do in this case is take a screenshot of the state you want to save on your mobile.

However, screenshots are the ideal option when you want to save an image, since if you want to download a video, things change a bit.

Use the screen recorder to save WhatsApp statuses in video format

Record the screen in WhatsApp states

Most of today’s mobiles (does not apply to old mobiles) have an option to record the screen of the device. That tool is perfect for you to save WhatsApp states that are a video.

The only thing you have to do is turn on screen recorderopen your contact’s status, and pause the recording when the video is over.

Recording the mobile screen is very simple, just you must activate the option in the options panel which you can see by sliding the screen from top to bottom. In the case of Xiaomi devices, it is activated by following these steps:

  1. Pull down the options panel.
  2. Look for the screen recorder tool (appears with a video recording camera as an icon).
  3. Click on that option to start recording.

If your mobile does not have the screen recorder tool, then in that case you will have to install an app to be able to record it.

Download others’ WhatsApp statuses with a third-party app

Now we enter the field of applications to be able to download WhatsApp statuses. In this option you must install an application dedicated solely to saving WhatsApp statuses. There are many options available in the Play Store, but this time we recommend “Status Saver- Save States for WA” (we leave you a download box below).

To save WhatsApp statuses with this application you must follow these steps:

Save WhatsApp statuses

  1. Download the application.
  2. Open it and grant the permissions to access your WhatsApp.
  3. Load the states in your WhatsApp.
  4. Enter the application of Status Saver.
  5. In the tab “WA Status” you will be able to see all the statuses you have uploaded.
  6. To save them enter one of the states and click on the “+” from bottom right.
  7. Click on “Keep” and copy it to some folder.
  8. If you click on the “+” again you can share the status that you have saved in other applications or in WhatsApp itself.

Status Saver - Save Statuses for WA

Save WhatsApp statuses with a file manager app

In this option to download the states you have to install a file manager application, and we recommend X-plore (We leave you a download box below). However, any other app that manages your mobile files is worth it to save the states.

Xplore File Manager

The steps you must follow are the following:

  1. Install X-plore.
  2. Enable the option of show hidden folders.
  3. Look for the WhatsApp folder.Save WhatsApp statuses with administrator
  4. Enter in “Half”, and then go to “.statuses”.
  5. There you will be able to see all the statuses you have uploaded (you have to see the status in WhatsApp), both images and videos.
  6. Once you have found the state you want to save, press and hold on it to display the options menu. Select the “move” option” and click OK to move it to another folder. You can see the status in the gallery of your mobile within the WhatsApp folder.Save WhatsApp statuses with file manager

With these options you can download or save any WhatsApp status you want. doWhich option do you think is better??

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