How to recover Google “blobs” on your mobile keyboard

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Table of Contents

Do you want to have the classic Android emojis again? If so, today is your lucky day. Here you will see how retrieve Google “blobs” on your mobile keyboard.

With the trick that we will show you you will be able to use blobmojis again on Gboard. Stay on the web so that your keyboard counts again one of the oldest emojis of the Google OS!

Retrieving “blobs” on Android and using them on your keyboard is that easy

How to retrieve Android blobs and use them on the keyboard

the blobmojis marked the history of Android. Blobs were used from Android KitKat to Android Oreo (that is, between 2013 and 2017). These emojis won the hearts of users because they were very cute, original and varied.

That’s why you surely want try again the blobmojis. Fortunately, you don’t need to downgrade Android to get blobs back on your keyboard.

And it is possible revive these emojis easily with Gboard. To do this, you must create combinations of emojis in the Google keyboard. In the process, you will be using the Emoji Kitchen feature.

Follow the steps you will see below so you know how to do all this:

How to recover blobs on Android with Gboard

  • Naturally, download Gboard on your mobile. In case you didn’t know, this is one of the best keyboards for android
  • walk into any messaging app and open a chat.
  • Go to the keyboard and press the Gboard emoji icon.
  • Now click the magic wand emoji.
  • After that, choose an emoji that was a “blob” at the time (such as the octopus emoji or the one with the face in love).
  • That’s when you’ll see that blobmojis appear again on your keyboard.
  • Play the blob emoji generated by Gboard to send it to the chat you are in. We warn you that the “blobs” will be sent as stickers, not in emoji format.

In the next section you will know another way to have blobmojis available again on your keyboard.

How to use blobs with a Google sticker pack on Gboard

Use Google sticker pack blobs in Gboard

  • enter your keyboard from any messaging app.
  • Click on the Gboard emojis and then go to the stickers menu.
  • Click on it “+” icon.
  • Look for the sticker pack “Blobs are back”.
  • When you find it, click on the pack and then press the button “Add package”.
  • This way you can use blobs as animated stickers in your chats.

This is how you can recover the blobmojis thanks to Gboard! And you, are you going? to revive the «blobs» on your mobile? tell us in the comments.

And if you want get the most out of google keyboarddon’t forget to discover the best Gboard tricks for Android. With these shortcuts you will write like a pro in the big G app!

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