How to get dislikes back on YouTube

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Tired of not being able to see the “Dislikes” in the videos you play within YouTube? You no longer need to read the comments to know if those videos are worth it or not, because there is a “trick” what can you do to retrieve YouTube dislikes.

Thanks to the work of a small group of developers, Anyone can re-watch YouTube Dislikes. This project has been launched under the name of “Return YouTube Dislike”and incredibly it does not require any type of computer knowledge to be able to apply it, since it is nothing more and nothing less than a browser extension.

Rewatching “Dislikes” on YouTube is that easy

Recover YouTube Dislikes

If you are interested in knowing how to recover YouTube Dislikes, you will have to have one of the browsers compatible with the extension in question. The browsers that can make use of this extension are the following:

  • Firefox.
  • Chrome.
  • EDGE.
  • Opera
  • brave.

It is important to clarify that the extension called “Return YouTube Dislike” only works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS computers. At the moment there is no app that allows you to recover the “I do not like it” on Android and iOS.

Download YouTube Dislike button extension

In order to install the extension, you just have to enter the link that we leave you at the end of this paragraph. Once you are on the official website of the extension, you must download the one that is compatible with the browser you use.

Link | Download Return YouTube Dislike extension

It should be noted that you will only be able to see the “I do not like it” of YouTube videos that already had this feature enabled. In other words, those videos that were uploaded after YouTube’s decision to remove the Dislikes will not show this statistic on the web version of the platform.

Similarly, there is a small “trick” which can be done to view YouTube Dislikes on the mobile version of the platform. This trick consists of installing the extension in the mobile version of Chrome.

With nothing more to add in this regard, we must clarify that this extension could stop working overnightbecause everything will depend on the modifications that YouTube makes in the web version for PC.

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