How to delete contacts on LinkedIn

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Networking on LinkedIn can help you increase the reach of your professional network and make it easier to find jobs with the app’s Artificial Intelligence. But to keep your network of professionals organized and focused on a specific purpose, you must leave aside those contacts that are no longer relevant to your goals on the platform. Also, keep in mind that LinkedIn does not allow you to have more than 30,000 first-degree connections.

Yes, you know which contacts you want to remove from your LinkedIn account, keep reading the following paragraphs where we will teach you how to do it from your PC or mobile. It really is something very simple to do and it will not take you more than about 3 minutes.

Of course, before deleting a contact, consider the following:

  • When you delete a contact, they will not be notified.
  • LinkedIn will delete any existing recommendations or endorsements between you and the contact you’ve removed. And they won’t reset if you add it back to your network.

How to delete contacts on LinkedIn from PC

how to delete contact on linkedin pc

There are two ways to delete contacts on LinkedIn on PC. It is best to do it through the My Network section like this:

  • Enter in LinkedIn with your account (if you haven’t done so before).
  • Go to the section my network (it’s at the top).
  • click on contacts (on the left).
  • Press the three horizontal buttons that appear next to the contact you want to delete.
  • Finally, click on Delete contact.

That’s it! Another way to delete a LinkedIn contact from a PC is by entering their profile, pressing the button Plus and selecting Delete Contact. Thus, the deleted contact will no longer appear in your network of professionals.

How to delete contacts on LinkedIn from mobile

how to delete contact on linkedin mobile app

If you’re using the LinkedIn mobile app, then here are the steps you need to take to remove a contact from your network:

  • open the LinkedIn app on your phone.
  • go to contact profile that you want to delete.
  • Touch the three points that appear next to the send message button.
  • Scroll down a bit in the options menu and tap on Delete contact.
  • Confirm the action and clever.

Alternatively, you can go to My network > Manage my network > Contacts and remove the contacts you want from there using the three dots button.

Now, if what you wanted was to delete your LinkedIn profile, here we explain how to close your LinkedIn account forever.

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