How to create and insert Telegram widgets on any website

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If you have been using Telegram for a while you will notice that unlike WhatsApp this app is more than chatswithin it there is an entire ecosystem made up of many channels and groups, very similar to what we could find on platforms like Reddit or Twitter, in which communities of almost any content you could imagine are created.

In fact, one of the most recent and interesting features of Telegram allows you to join voice chat sessions. This diversity makes Telegram is generating interesting content very frequently, something that surely catches the attention of those who have news blogs and where they usually talk about new and original content. For this reason, this time we will talk about a quite particular but very useful Telegram function, sharing Telegram widgets on web portals.

Steps to insert Telegram widgets on any website

steps to share telegram widget on the web

The procedure is quite easy. In simple steps you can share Telegram widgets on your web portal. And it is a possible method both in the mobile version and in the desktop version. For this reason, being so similar, we will only explain how to create Telegram widgets from the mobile, the steps are the same.

  • Go to the Telegram app and join some of the groups or channels you follow.
  • Find the message you want to share and when you find it, click the button to shareappears as a curved arrow at the bottom of the message.
  • You will see it unfold a list with all the options you have to share the message.
  • However, do not look at these optionsjust click on the option at the bottom, the one that says “COPY LINK”.
  • Now, get out of Telegram and open the browser on your mobilego to the web address bar and paste the link.
  • A Telegram page will appear with the message and the option to visit the channel in the application. ignore this and click this button: < >
  • Next, you will see the widget codewhich you are going to copy to paste on your web page.

Finally, you should know that this procedure only works if the Telegram channel or group is public. In addition, Telegram does not allow sharing messages sent to particular people, to avoid possible conflicts between users.

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