How to avoid flashing lights when taking photos with your Xiaomi

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If Xiaomi stands out for something, in addition to projects such as its new smart glasses, it is the excellent quality of your cameras mobile. However, you may have noticed that the photos your Xiaomi takes come out with some annoying black stripes that ruin your best snapshots. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take your mobile to be repaired!

we explain what are these bands and the most important, How to solve it so that they stop appearing. The key is precisely in the high quality of the lens. Let’s go there!

Why do black bands appear in the photos of Xiaomi phones?

Although we do not realize it, artificial light is fluctuating. When converting alternating current to direct current to turn on a lamp, for example, it flickers at very high wave frequencies.

The human eye is not capable of perceiving it, but the cameras of our mobiles do. can catch these flickers. The camera of your Xiaomi can perceive light waves above 50 Hz or even 240 Hz in slow motion mode.

(To give you an idea, the light frequency range that we can see people is between 7 and 13 Hz. It’s amazing!)

How to remove flickering from the photos you take with your Xiaomi camera

However, the great perception of our mobile phones can make things like this happen. The dark bands you see above your photo are precisely those intermittent fluctuations of light at high frequency.

So when you take a photo with artificial lightthe camera captures that slight flicker (or “flicker”) which results in black lines known as banding.

And although they are a sample of the excellent quality of modern cameras like those of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, they are annoying and prevent you from taking the incredible photos you expect from your mobile. So let’s teach you how to remove them!

How to remove the flickering of the lights or “flickering” from the photos of your Xiaomi

There are apps to enhance Xiaomi’s possibilities to take photos, but ending flickering is much simpler than all that.

Removing this annoying effect from your photos is as easy as change camera settings of your Xiaomi:

How to remove banding or flickering from your photos from the Xiaomi MIUI camera settings

  1. Enter the app of the mobile camera.
  2. Open the options menu and click on “Settings”.
  3. Go to the option “Anti gangs” and choose “Car”. Thus, the device itself will adapt to the flickering of the light to avoid seeing the dark bands of flickering.

Typically, by changing these settings, the banding disappears. If it persists, you will have to access the MIUI camera pro mode to adjust camera shutter speed or “shutter”.

Now you can even enjoy Xiaomi motion photos without those horrible dark lines in between!

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