5 methods to get a temporary phone number

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There are several situations in which you may need have a temporary phone number. For example, when you travel to another country, if you have a business and do not want to give customers your personal number or to register for a service that requires this requirement.

Maybe buy a new prepaid SIM card be the easiest way to get a temporary phone number. However, for this you must have a Dual SIM mobile or have two smartphones. Is there any other way to get a temporary phone number? Yes, and here we bring you 5 methods to achieve it.

5 methods to get a temporary phone number

Currently, there are many companies that offer temporary phone numbers. These are not the typical numbers that you hire from an operator and commit to with a fee. Conversely, These temporary numbers work with the Internet through apps. They are used for specific purposes, so you can hire them and cancel them whenever you want.

With temporary phone numbers you can do everything you would with a local carrier number: send or receive calls and SMS messages. Also, many of these apps allow you to get a phone number from a specific country. Here are the 5 best apps to get a temporary phone number.

Skype, the most reliable service to have a temporary phone number

Skype the most reliable service to have a temporary phone number

You may not know it, but Skype, Microsoft’s famous video calling and messaging app, offers the service of contracting temporary phone numbers. This application allows you to have a number in more than 25 different countries. Even for large countries like the US, you can choose which state you want the contracted number to be from.

The price of contracting a telephone number varies between countries and also depends on the plan you choose (1, 3 or 12 months). In addition, each user can hire up to 10 different temporary phone numbers. Skype offers a very complete service, since you can call, send messages and even have a voice mail.


Hushed, the fastest method to get a phone number

If you can’t find the country where you want to hire a temporary phone number in Skype, you will surely find it in Hushed. This app offers the possibility of get a number in more than 60 different countries. However, with Hushed you can only have 3 numbers at a time.

But what is really surprising about the application is the ease and speed with which you can obtain the phone number. With Hushed there is no need to register on the platform, you just have to download the app, hire a number and you can start making calls or sending SMS. It offers plans that range from 7 days to 1 year and initially they give you a free 3-day trial.

Hushed 2nd phone number

2nd Line gives you a temporary phone number at an incredible rate

2nd Line gives you a temporary phone number with an incredible rate

Another of the alternatives that exist to contract a temporary telephone number is 2nd Line. The app offers US and Canadian numbersbut for a really excellent price.

For just $9.99, about 8.83 euros per month to changeyou have the possibility of having a number in these countries with which you can make Unlimited calls and SMS messages. In addition, it allows you to record the calls you make or receive, it has voicemail and you can even block calls.

Second Phone Number - 2nd Line

Sideline, get a totally free number in exchange for ads

Sideline gets a totally free number in exchange for ads

If what you are looking for is a method to obtain a free temporary phone number, then Sideline is for you. This app gives you a completely free phone number where you can receive calls. Now you should know that the application is full of ads and to remove them you must pay a monthly subscription which also enables other functions.

Sideline - 2nd no.  of phone

Telos, another free alternative

Telos another free alternative

Finally, one last option that we recommend for you to get a temporary phone number is to use the Telos app. This application also offers the possibility of getting a free number. However, it is very limited, since it only allows you to have a number from the US and not from other countries. Now, this number will only serve you to receive calls, since to make them you will have to pay a fairly cheap rate.

second phone number

With any of these 5 apps you can easily get a temporary phone number. And if you are interested in discovering someone’s number, we invite you to review this complete tutorial that has all the methods to find out a person’s phone number.

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