What to do if a Samsung tablet does not charge?

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After giving your Samsung tablet a lot of use, it is normal for its components to wear out and begin to fail. The first thing that usually presents problems is the load. From one day to the next, your Samsung tablet may not charge no matter how hard you try because of the battery, charging port, cable, charger, or even the operating system.

Since there is no way to fully scan your Samsung tablet and pinpoint the exact source of the problem, you need to try several solutions. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, right away we’ll show you everything you need to do when your Samsung tablet won’t charge.

My Samsung tablet won’t charge, what should I do?

samsung tablet with charger

The reason why your Samsung tablet does not charge can be one of the following:

  • faulty charger (either the cable or the adapter).
  • Dirt or debris at the loading port.
  • Third Party Applications that interrupt the charging process.
  • operating system problem (requires an update).

It is also possible that the battery has been damaged, although this is quite less common. Finally, let’s see the solutions to each of these problems.

Charge the tablet in another socket

Although it is an obvious solution, there are many people who, out of desperation to see that their tablet is not charging, do not try this and look for more complicated solutions. Before doing anything else, plug the charger into another power source that you know is working fine. If the problem was with the plug, your Samsung tablet should start charging. Otherwise, let’s continue to see more solutions.

take off the cover

Another ultra simple solution is to remove the cover that protects your tablet. It may seem harmless, but this accessory is capable of preventing it from charging correctly because it obstructs the end of the cable or the port. So please remove the case or cover and try to charge the tablet again.

check the charger

There is the possibility that the charger of your tablet is damaged at some point. The cable tip may be defective or the power adapter may be damaged. To check it, do the following:

  • Use another USB cable: Change the USB cable of the charger with another one that you have (it must be compatible with the port of your Samsung tablet). If the cable was the problem, the tablet should charge.
  • Try another adapter: You should always use the official charger that your tablet came with to charge it. However, in this type of situation, it is advisable to change the charger adapter for any other just to verify if the one you were using is causing problems or not.
  • Try various combinations of cables and adapters: if with a completely new charger your tablet charges, do not throw away the old one. It is likely that only one of its two parts (or the cable or the adapter) has been damaged. To find out, try various cable/adapter combinations until you find the one that doesn’t work.

best budget tablet for work samsung galaxy tab a7

restart your tablet

There are bugs or rare errors that cause the system of your tablet does not recognize the load. The good thing is that these failures are usually solved with a simple restart like this:

  • Turn off the tablet.
  • Plug it into the charger.
  • Turn on the tablet again.

Boot the tablet in safe mode

Safe mode is a feature that all Android devices have that lets you boot the system without any of the third-party applications you have installed. And precisely for this reason it is very useful, since it allows you to know if an app that you installed is the one that is causing the charging problem on your tablet. To activate this safe mode, you must do this:

  • Turn off the tablet.
  • Hold down the power button until the word “Samsung” appears.
  • quickly now hold the volume down button until the home screen appears.
  • Thus, you will enter the safe mode (it will be indicated in the lower left corner).

Once you are in the safe mode, try to charge your Samsung tablet. If it loads, then you must find out which app is interrupting the load Of the device. When you find it, uninstall it. To get out of safe mode, simply restart the tablet as you normally would.

Update the operating system

Sometimes updates can break something that was previously working fine on your device. When that happens, the manufacturer sends out another update to fix the bug. Starting from that, upgrading your tablet could be the solution. How do I do it? Following these steps:

  • open the app Settings.
  • Choose system update.
  • Click on Download and install.
  • If an update is available, tap on Install Now.

Check the battery and USB port

Samsung has an application to check if there is a problem with the battery or the charging port through a test. It’s called Samsung Members and this is how you can use it:

  • open the app Samsung Members on your tablet.
  • Choose Help in the bottom.
  • Go to the option Diagnosis and click on Start / View tests.
  • Now, choose the tests of Battery and wired charging (then one and then the other) to check these components.

Samsung Members

If the app tells you that the battery is bad, you could try to fix it by removing it and putting it back in (if possible). But normally in those cases it is best to change the battery for a new one. To do this, we recommend you find a Samsung service center near you by clicking here.

Now, if the app reveals that the problem is in the charging port, there are several solutions that you can try and we will show you them right away.

Clean the USB port of the tablet

usb charging port samsung tablet

The charging port of your tablet may be clogged with dirt, dust, or debris. If there are foreign materials inside the charging port, this may prevent the cable from connecting properly with the charging contacts. What you can do to remedy this is to clean the port like so:

  • Turn off the tablet.
  • Check the inside of the charging port with a flashlight.
  • Try to remove all the dirt you see there.
  • You can blow out the port to clean it, but don’t insert anything into it because you’ll probably end up making the situation worse.
  • If the charging port is still clogged, take it to a professional to clean it.

Let the charging port dry if it is wet

Normally, Samsung tablets warn that their port is wet with a notification that shows a drop of water, which blocks charging for safety. If you see it on your tablet, then turn off the device and let it dry in a slightly warm place. When it’s dry, he turns the tablet back on and tries to charge it. It should work. If you still see the water icon in the port, even though it is already dry, follow these steps:

  • open the app Settings.
  • go to Applications.
  • Touch the button of three points to open more options.
  • Choose show system apps.
  • Click on USBSettings.
  • Enter in Storage.
  • press on Clear cache and data.

Once you have cleared the cache and data, try charging your tablet again to see if this has resolved your issue.

repair samsung tablet charging port

Go to the technical service

None of the above solutions worked for you? I’m sorry to tell you that you will have to go to Samsung service to get your tablet fixed. If the warranty is still valid, in theory there will be no problem getting it repaired. Also consider taking the tablet in for general service. Anyway, we hope that this guide has been useful to you.

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