features and price of e-ink tablet

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In an event as important as the MWC, surprises and little things that attract attention are always expected. This has been the case of the Chinese company Huawei, because today the firm in question has presented the Huawei MatePad Papera tablet with an electronic ink screen that wants to compete in a segment led by Amazon.

this tablet flaunts a more than generous display that seeks to win the hearts of those users who like to rest their eyes when reading a book or document.

What’s more, includes many additional featureswhich are powered by HarmonyOS 2.0, the company’s own operating system that would seem to get along very well with this tablet.

Huawei MatePad Paper: surprising features

Huawei MatePad Paper e-ink tablet

Trying to offer immersive reading experiences, the new Huawei tablet arrives to facilitate those simple office tasksas well as entertainment that do not require a color screen.

For it, offers a 10.3-inch screen baptized as E-Ink FullViewwhich according to Huawei, allows you to enjoy a reading experience very similar to that of paper.

Other details that make this tablet “multipurpose”are the following characteristics:

  • It is compatible with the second generation M-Pencil.
  • Allows you to take notes like an ordinary notebook.
  • Data can be entered by voice dictation.
  • It offers a system that is capable of convert handwritten notes into editable text.
  • It has HarmonyOS 2.0: this operating system allows you to connect the tablet with other devices of the brand (it is able to receive articles or documents from any device).
  • Integrate 4 GB of RAM.
  • Have a 64GB internal storage.

With nothing more to add in this regard, Huawei’s MatePad Paper tablet is expected to go on sale within the next few months. The price with which it will reach the market will be about €499. Also, it will come with the M-Pencil and will be available in three colors: blue, black and khaki.

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