Beware of Telegram groups, there are very dangerous for your health

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The Internet’s ability to spread information has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it allows the entire world to be interconnected, which facilitates the dissemination of all kinds of knowledge and scientific advances. But on the other, too can serve to spread misinformation and even dangerous. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem of misinformation on the Internet has increased significantly, even becoming difficult to moderate on platforms and social networks.

And speaking of platforms where the dissemination of information and content abounds, there is no doubt that one of the most important today is Telegram. For years the instant messaging service has become a niche for piracy, sextortion and even for the sale of stolen IDs. This because of the vast majority of the groups that Telegram has that are not moderated so all kinds of information is disseminated in them.

well recently Telegram groups have been detected that are promoting the use of bleach as an effective treatment for cancer and other diseases. Is this dangerous? Of course it is, and here’s why.

Beware of Telegram groups, there are very dangerous for your health

In Telegram there are groups that are dangerous for your health

2008 was fateful for medical sciences. In that year Jim Humble published his book “The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century” with which one of the greatest myths of pseudoscience was established: chlorine dioxide as a miracle treatment for many diseases. Since then this compound has been baptized as the miraculous mineral supplement or MMS (miracle mineral supplement in English), although it is also known as CDS. But… Is chlorine dioxide really useful as a medical treatment for diseases? Is it dangerous that Telegram groups recommend its use? We will answer these questions soon.

Chlorine Dioxide Is Bleach, Literally It Is

cds mms chlorine dioxide

The first thing to keep in mind is that the term bleach does not refer to a particular chemical. This is a word that is used to group all those compounds that have oxidizing and bleaching properties. Therefore, the main use given to these substances is as bleaches and disinfectants. The vast majority of bleaches are based on chlorine, which is why these two words are often thought of as synonyms.but no.

Of the existing bleaches, the most common is sodium hypochlorite. This is the one we use at home, but it is not the only one that exists. Chlorine dioxide (CDS or MMS) is another type of bleach that is used in industrial processes such as paper bleaching or water purification. And while both types of bleach are active against many microorganisms (which is why they are considered disinfectants), they can also be quite dangerous and toxic for humans.

Where did the idea come from that chlorine dioxide or MMS is effective in curing diseases?

who said that chlorine dioxide or MMS is good for curing diseases

As we already mentioned, chlorine dioxide was dubbed by Jim Humble as the miracle mineral supplement. But… Who is this person and why do you think this substance can cure diseases? As well, Humble was a NASA engineer who worked in the North American space agency and who also secretly collaborated in the design of the atomic bomb. However, at one point in his life decided to change course and left his job to dedicate himself to gold mining.

In 1996 Jim Humble, now a miner, was in Guyana on a gold prospecting tour. However, during the trip a large part of his excursion companions were affected by a disease endemic to that area: malaria. Not having a doctor in the team and being completely devoid of proper treatment for said infectious disease, the former engineer decided to make use of the only thing he had available: chlorine dioxide used to make the water drinkable.

And what did this result in? well what when his companions recovered, Humble concluded that chlorine dioxide or MMS had saved their lives. Is this enough to say that the substance had an effect on the disease? No, in current medical science, the testimony of a “scientist” is not enough to affirm that a treatment is effective. To check controlled clinical trials with many human beings are necessary where this effect is demonstrated. And as you will see… today malaria (or any other disease) is treated by ingesting bleach.

Is it dangerous to consume bleach or chlorine dioxide? Yes

it is dangerous to consume bleach or chlorine dioxide Yes

Chlorine dioxide and bleach that we use in the home have oxidizing properties. This means that both substances can cause significant damage to the cells of our body. Therefore, just as it would never occur to you to take the chlorine you use to clean, you should not think about consuming MMS or chlorine dioxide either.

The consumption of this substance has been related to a large number of adverse effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension, dehydration, kidney problems, among others. Besides, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) warns that consuming chlorine dioxide poses a serious health risk and its consumption is not recommended in any case. Likewise, they add that there is currently no scientific evidence to support the use of this substance to treat any disease.

These Telegram groups prey on people’s fear and desperation

covid radar spain

Should we blame the people who fall for these medical hoaxes? Of course not. Most people who have a terminal illness (such as cancer or other illnesses) or who know someone who is, are in a state of incessant despair in search of a miracle cure. This desperation, and the fear that medical science is insufficient, are the target of Internet groups that spread the ideas of pseudoscience (for profit in most cases).

Unfortunately, modern medicine (even with its spectacular advances in certain diseases) is not quite perfect and is far from being enough. There are many diseases that still do not have 100% effective treatments. These are the cases that are often the target of scams such as “miracle treatments”. If medicine doesn’t provide a cure for cancer or another disease, why not try an alternative? The reality is that it is a difficult question to answer, but when it comes to health, you should always remember the Latin phrase that accompanies the medical profession: “primum non nocere” or “the first thing is to do no harm”.

If taking chlorine dioxide is bad… why don’t they ban it?

validity digital green certificate passport covid

Although the WHO and the main public health agencies of many of the countries of the world have spoken out against the consumption of MMS or chlorine dioxide, warning about its possible harmful effects, this substance has not yet been completely banned. Why? Basically because of bureaucratic problems. In many places in the world the CDS or MMS is not marketed as a product for medical useso it is impossible to prohibit it for this use.

Also, you are probably wondering… And what happens to people who take it to cure an illness? Well, as you may have noticed, chlorine dioxide does not cause a lethal disease, since doing so would have caused a large number of deaths and this would have led to its prohibition. The reason for this? Well, those who market chlorine dioxide sell it and recommend it in very low doses. This makes its consumption relatively safe in the short it will not cause an immediate medical problem.

Nevertheless, With prolonged consumption of it, toxic amounts of this substance can accumulate in the body, causing thyroid, kidney and immune problems.. In addition, many of the patients who fall for this type of scam are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy as a treatment for cancer, and the consumption of this dangerous substance can negatively interfere with these therapeutic modalities.

Be more careful what you read in Telegram groups

The Twitter user @vaiconDios is the one I have revealed this Telegram group that currently has more than 5,500 active members who receive all kinds of therapeutic indications based on MMS or chlorine dioxide for the treatment of various diseases as you can see in the following thread of this social network. However, the user points out that he has joined other groups that have a larger number of users, some with more than 30,000 people.

Finally, from Androidphoria we want to invite you to be more careful with the groups you join on Telegram and For any medical issue, consult a professional. to avoid falling for the scams of pseudoscience.

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