This is the company that rents power banks to charge mobiles

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Today mobiles are essential, so it is inconceivable to spend a good part of the day without these smart devices. And this can happen to you. either because you forgot to charge your mobile before leaving homeor because you left the charger with which you can restore its autonomy.

Well, fortunately there is a company that has appeared at this year’s MWC with a business that can save you on those days when you ran out of battery. This is Naki Power, a brand of Belgian origin that is dedicated to renting 5000 mAh power banks that users can use for a small price.

Naki: the new company that rents powerbanks to charge the mobile

The Naki company was founded in 2019 and is present in 11 European cities where they have more than 3,000 charging stations. These stations are packed with 5,000 mAh power banks that users can rent. In addition, they are strategically distributed in places where this service is usually necessary: ​​in commercial establishments, hospitals, bars, etc.

And the operation of the service is relatively simple. The user only has to scan the QR code of the charging station to be able to rent a powerbank. And, from the moment it leaves the central, the time of use that the user gives to the powerbank will begin to be counted.

How much does it cost to rent a powerbank from this company?

How much does it cost to rent a powerbank from Naki

This service is really cheap. naki cobra 50 cents for every 30 minutes of charging. Likewise, the company established a maximum charge limit of 6 euros per day, which represents about 6 hours of charging. Once the user finishes using the powerbank, they can return it to any of the company’s charging stations.

AND… What if the powerbank is not returned? Well, the user must pay for it. In the conditions of use of its service, Naki establishes that, If the powerbank is not returned within a period of 5 days, the company will charge the user 30 euros and this will become his property.

As you can see, it is about an interesting service that can be really useful. And if you are interested in guaranteeing the autonomy of your phone, we recommend that you take a look at the Bluetti EB70, a charging station with which you can power your mobile and many other things.

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