This is CyberDog, the Xiaomi robot dog that you can now buy (in China)

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The future we all dream of has arrived. Xiaomi just released his first robotic dog named CyberDog. The company describes it as a biology-inspired quadrupedal robot that is powered by NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier NX supercomputer with AI performance of 21 TOPS. In addition, it uses a very fast 128 GB SSD.

It is quite similar to the Boston Dynamics Spot robot both in design and functionality. CyberDog can follow you, hear you, see you and even obey your commands. Does it do the same as a real dog? Basically yes, but without having to train it. Its main functions would be surveillance and assistance, although Xiaomi did not fully reveal what this CyberDog is capable of.

This is CyberDog, a robot inspired by dogs

cyber dog head

On the front of the CyberDog (which would be a dog’s head) it has several cameras, microphones and sensors that give it a spatial perception comparable to that of the human eye. Specifically, it uses AI cameras, ultra-wide binocular cameras, touch sensors, 6 microphones, GPS, and Intel’s RealSense D450 depth camera module.

CyberDog also has SLAM mapping and automatic tracking (it can follow you while you walk or run). It is capable of avoiding obstacles and navigating at centimeter scale. In addition, it not only responds to your call, but also obeys orders such as sit, follow you, lie on its back, stand on two legs, jump or roll.

Likewise, it has facial recognition to recognize its owner and only follow his orders. According to Xiaomi, the robot is agile enough to do somersaults and can travel at a maximum speed of 11.52 km/h. It has a maximum rotation of 220 rpm and a maximum torque of 32 Nm. And it can load up to 3kg.

As for extras, CyberDog has three USB-C ports and one HDMI port that can be used to customize your hardware. The company suggests that lidar sensors, panoramic cameras and search lights could be added to the robot.

Use an open source operating system

cyber dog

One of the coolest things about the CyberDog is the software it uses which is open source. Thus, Xiaomi is creating its own community of robotics developers that will be able to share the activity modules and other components that they develop. If it gets support from the community, it will be very interesting to see all the features that people will create for this robot.

Let us remember that its operating system runs on an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX chipset, which Xiaomi presumes to have 21 TOPS of computing power thanks to its 384 CUDA cores, 48 ​​Tensor Cores, and two deep learning acceleration engines, paired with a “near-industrial-grade” 128GB SSD. In other words, it has enough power to process complex tasks.

By the way, it is worth noting that the CyberDog can be controlled in 3 different ways: by voice, with the controller (sold separately) or with its mobile application that is currently only compatible with some Xiaomi phones. It also comes with a built-in XiaoAI assistant (can only be used in Chinese) to control the smart devices in your home using the robot as a controller.

Xiaomi CyberDog price and availability

xiaomi cyberdog price

Believe it or not, the CyberDog is not a prototype. It is already a commercial product for the general public that will go on sale in China for 9999 yuan, which would be about 1300 euros. There is no information about its international launch, so we will be left with the desire to try it, for now.

Bearing in mind that its only competition in the market is the Boston Dynamics Spot worth about 64,000 euros, this “inexpensive” robotic dog from Xiaomi will attract the eyes of many people who are not even interested in this technology. We’ll see if it really is a useful robot or just a luxury to show off.

Source | Xiaomi official blog

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