Telefónica and Meta come together to explore the metaverse together

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The Spanish telephone operator Telefónicaannounced at MWC 2022 that has signed a collaboration with Meta to jointly expand and explore new ways to drive innovation in connectivity within the field of the metaverse.

In addition, have opened a call around the world in search of projects related to the metaverse, this call has been made through the platform called Wayra.

Telefónica and Meta want the metaverse to succeed

Telephone and Meta agreement

The agreement that was carried out between the two companies implies the creation of an innovation center related to the virtual world called the metaverse.

This project aims to prepare the network and devices to be compatible with this virtual world.

In addition, a test bench will be made available to local developers and startups called the Metaverse Innovation Hub, a system in which the 5G laboratory of the Spanish operator may be usedas well as the enormous resources owned by the company that owns Facebook, Meta of course.

Is the Facebook metaverse getting closer to reaching Spain?

Metaverse in Spain

Although what we know as the metaverse only exists in science fiction, there are countries that have access to the virtual world of Facebook (some in America).

Thanks to the association that these two companies have carried out, it would not be at all strange that in a very short time access to the Facebook metaverse is enabled in the country.

Observing the current panorama, it could be said that the Facebook metaverse is still far from being possible, why? Because there are very few independent developers, startups and major companies that are working in this interesting virtual world.

With nothing more to add in this regard, Telefónica is expected to provide more details about this partnership in the coming weeks.

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