Nothing is about to launch its first Android smartphone with a Qualcomm processor

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The first mobile of the Nothing brand is about to be launched. The company created by the co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei, at the end of 2020; launched the Ear 1 wireless earphones last year. And since then, Pei has hinted that they were working on a smartphone. This is how more details of the new gadget from the London-based company have been revealed.

The manufacturer unveiled a prototype of the smartphone in a meeting with the top executives of the Mobile World Congress 2022. The portal TechCrunch He was in charge of informing that the new mobile will have the aesthetics of transparent headphones and referred to the launch date.

Nothing is about to launch its first Android mobile with a Qualcomm processor

What do we know about Nothing’s new smartphone?

Nothing’s new device will have transparent elements and a processor from the American manufacturer Qualcomm. As reported, the launch of the mobile will take place sooner rather than later and its aesthetics will be similar to that of the Ear 1 headphones.

The novelty came after Pei expressed on his Twitter profile that the brand was back on Android and praised the operating system mentioning both Android and Snapdragon.

Clues about the new Nothing brand mobile

Nothing is about to launch its first Android mobile with a Qualcomm processor

Since October of last year, projections have emerged about the manufacture of an Android mobile by the Nothing brand. In addition, that same year Qualcomm and the London-based company announced a strategic alliance, so it is highly likely that the new mobile will integrate a Snapdragon processor.

It should be remembered that in February 2021, the Nothing company bought Essential, the mobile brand created by the father of Android that failed. However, Carl Pei stated that he would continue to focus on developing smart home accessories and products.

It is evident that Nothing is one of the companies that has generated the most expectations in the world of technology and in the development of new products. Let’s hope that the expectation for the creator of OnePlus that does not stay in NOTHING.

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