MediaTek is the largest manufacturer of mobile processors, and Exynos is dying: this is how we start 2022

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Do you want to know which brand is the one that manufactures the most mobile processors? As soon as 2022 begins, we already have official data, and it is surprising that MediaTek continues to lead. However, Samsung is losing ground with its Exynosand even more so in the US market.

Alongside Qualcomm, MediaTek is the main supplier of processors for Samsung’s smartphones and tablets (they’re using more MediaTek than their own Exynos). In such a way that it is key to review the figures that place the Taiwanese brand as the largest.

The surprising figures of MediaTek

Processor usage share 2022

The new reports published by the consultancy CounterpointResearch, indicate that the Exynos brand shows a share of less than 5% worldwide and less than 2% in the United States. While MediaTek, once considered an irrelevant brandleads the US and global markets in the manufacture of processors for mobile phones.

MediaTek posted a 37% market share globally during the fourth quarter of 2021. Although US manufacturer Qualcomm improved its share from 23% to 30%, and continues behind MediaTek. On the other hand, Apple occupies 21% of the market, an encouraging figure considering its high selling price on iPhones and iPads.

In turn, the Chinese manufacturer UNISOC improved its market share from 4% to 11%. Likewise, Huawei fell 1% due to US sanctions on its businesses.

MediaTek growth in the United States

MediaTek became the biggest brand by providing 51% of the processors to the US market during the fourth quarter of 2021, thus reducing Qualcomm’s share to 47%. The remaining 2% is distributed between the Tensor, from Google, and the Exynos, from Samsung.

MediaTek is the largest manufacturer of mobile processors and Exynos dies thus begins 2022

The factors that place MediaTek as the main option

Samsung has opted to manufacture mobile phones that integrate MediaTek processors in recent years, especially in its mid-range products. While Exynos chips, made by Samsung Foundry, have lost ground due to overheating and performance limitation.

In conclusion, MediaTek is emerging as the brand that will prolong its dominance in global and US markets. Earlier this week they announced the launch of the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 and 8000 processors, whose main attribute is high performance at a low price. In mid-March, the first devices that will integrate the new MediaTek chips will be announced.

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