Google Chat has many negative ratings in the Play Store: Why?

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There is a great controversy between the big G and its users! It happens that Google Chat, the app that is going to be the substitute for Hangouts, has a lot of negative reviews on the play store. However, What is the cause of this? Stay on the web and find out, because here you will see all the details.

Hangouts users are very upset about having to switch to Google Chat

Hangouts users upset about moving to Google Chat

At the time of writing this note, the app has an average rating of 2.7 stars. You will surely be surprised to know that a Google service is being criticized so much. However, there is a very clear reason behind all these assessments.

And it is that, as we mentioned above, to the people who still have Hangouts they don’t like the idea of ​​migrating to another messaging app. This has been coming since Google warned you not to use Hangouts anymore, since it will soon disappear. So users of the service reacted like this and Google Chat has been flooded with a lot of criticism.

Other reasons why Google Chat is rated negatively

Reviews Google Chat in the Play Store

On the other hand, there are opinions showing that the app is not yet ready to replace Hangouts. Specific, people who criticize Google Chat complain about the following:

  • The app has an unintuitive interface.
  • Only one photo can be sent at a time. In turn, you must use the file manager of your mobile to locate the image you want to share (instead of offering a gallery integrated into the platform, as all messaging apps do).
  • The platform is not 100% polished yet. Users complain that Google Chat works slowly and is somewhat laggy.
  • The service does not have the option to make audio calls or share your location in real time. Also, to make a video call you have to create a Meet outside of Google Chat.

On the other hand, the big G has not stood idly by in the face of this wave of criticism. That’s why app support has made recommendations to users who are having trouble using Google Chat.

In any case, don’t despair if you miss Hangouts featuresbecause it is most likely that the Mountain View will improve Google Chat in the next updates.

And you, What are your thoughts on this subject? Leave us your opinion on the comments.

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