Disney Plus will launch a cheaper subscription and with ads

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While the other content streaming services increase their prices, Disney + is thinking of applying a totally different strategy.

According to recently leaked information, this streaming platform could launch a cheaper subscription.

No changes, with the same content and with ads

Disney Plus will include ads

This new subscription option would come with the entire catalog of movies, series and documentaries, but with the peculiarity of having ads, something that could make its price, lower by the way, remain unchanged over time.

At the moment, the Disney+ subscription in Spain costs about €8.99 per monthor €89.90 per year, a much higher price than the other platforms.

Thanks to the inclusion of adswhich would be shown at the beginning of a chapter, movie or documentary, Disney+ would offer a cheaper subscription that would be below that price.

When would this new Disney + subscription plan arrive?

Cheapest Disney Plus subscription

for now, Disney Plus has not provided more details about itso we will have to wait to find out what its price will be, how often the ads will appear and other information.

On the other hand, some rumors indicate that the economic subscription with Disney + ads could arrive in Spain at the beginning of 2023while in the United States and several other countries in America, his arrival would be dated for the end of 2022.

Without anything else to add, we have to admit that this is a more than interesting move by Disney. Offer a cheaper plan that has the same content than the other subscriptions, it is without a doubt very good news for users… something that DAZN should take note of.

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