Android Auto will let you see your mobile screen natively

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It seems that Google has something big in store with Android Auto, even bigger than the 2019 interface redesign. are working on a new interface for Android Auto called “Coolwalk” in code, which will bring a lot of news. The new design will seek to simplify everything so that you don’t have to go in and out of navigation mode as much.

A user on Reddit with the username “RegionRat91” apparently already has access to this new version of Android Auto in beta, as he has shared several images that reveal the design tweaks and a screen mirroring app in development. Let’s take a look at the possible new features that Android Auto will include in its next big update.

Android Auto will have Chromecast integrated, will it be possible to send the mobile screen?

As you can see in the images, the new design of Android Auto will place all the status icons in the lower right corner so as not to take up so much space on the screen. Also, the home button will allow you to open retractable widgets easily by long pressing it. And when there’s enough space, the side panel will show you a Google Assistant card with a detailed weather summary.

Feature-wise, the leak shows a new app called “Cast” that will apparently serve as a Chromecast in your car. Namely, will allow you to send content from your mobile to the screen of the vehicle, including the phone screen itself. This is not confirmed, but if the feature uses the Google Cast protocol, it is very likely that what we mentioned before can be done (unless Google blocks it).

It was also leaked that Android Auto will add “Send SMS” feature for incoming calls. With this function you can send a quick reply text to the caller when you reject their incoming call. It is even said that you can dictate the SMS to Android Auto so that it can transcribe and send it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to test any of these features yet, as they belong to a version of Android Auto that has not been made public. When this new version is available to everyone, we will let you know here.

Source | XDA

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