This is how you can get hearts in Dr. Mario World

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Dr. Mario World was released on July 9 and already has thousands and thousands of downloads around the world. And it is a game that, although classic, is very similar to the successful Candy Crush. That is why in this article we will give you a tip to help you complete the game, it is about how to get hearts in Dr. Mario World. So read on and get more hearts than anyone else.

The importance of hearts in Dr. Mario World

Get hearts Dr MArio

Your task in Dr. Mario World will be to fight against the viruses that you will have to eliminate. For this you will have to connect pieces of the same color, which represent the viruses, and you will need enough hearts to be able to advance. Every time you enter a new stage, you will have to pay with a heart to access it and once you complete it, you will receive another heart.

How to get more hearts in Dr. Mario World

Win Hearts Dr Mario World

There are many cheats to complete Dr. Mario World and you’re going to need the hearts for pretty much any of them. Usually, when you’re still in the early levels, hearts aren’t in short supply, but as you progress, you will inevitably have to get more at some point in the game.

Check your heart level at the top left of the screen to see when your hearts will run out. And don’t worry because luckily, there are several ways to get more:

    1. The first way is wait for the hearts to automatically restore. For this you will have to wait a bit until your hearts are restored, you can be aware of the time it will take to recover in the same statistics bar where you will see the number of hearts you have available.
    2. The second way is link your Dr Mario World account with your Facebook account and send requests to your friends on the social network and get hearts when they have joined the game.
    3. Another effective way is receive gift hearts by the friends you have added in the game.
    4. The last way is buy hearts using diamonds. Diamonds are a currency in the game, but to get diamonds, you will have to invest real money. If you wish to do so, you will have to go to the diamond counter and select the amount to buy. To give you an idea, 5 hearts are priced at 10 diamonds, but you can also get infinite hearts for a time of 60 minutes for a price of 30 diamonds.

We hope we have helped you with this topic, many people are running out of hearts and do not know how to restore them.

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