Captain Tsubasa already has his own Pokémon Go-style game!

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Are you a soccer lover? Did you get to see Captain Tsubasa as a child? Well, relive those moments of your childhood with Tsubasa +, the new game of Oliver and Benji in the Pokémon Go style.

Known in Latin America as Super Championsthis famous cartoon series comes to mobile phones with a new bet for sports lovers.

This will be Tsubasa +, the new game of Oliver and Benji with augmented reality

Although it was only possible to know that the official launch will be in 2020, it is really interesting to know what this game will be like: soccer but with virtual reality mode. And it is that, this style of games is doing very well, in just 24 hours Harry Potter Wizards Unite has raised 300,000 dollars.

According to what could be seen in the trailer, Tsubasa+ will allow you to play with Oliver, Benji and even soccer stars. In addition, there are also several virtual stadiums that will appear on the map.

The coolest thing of all is that you can create your own teams together with your friends to be able to face others. In addition, you will have special techniques to demonstrate on the court.

For now, we will have to wait to find out a little more about Tsubasa +. However, from Androidphoria we believe that Tsubasa+ could be a great title since There is no such thing as a virtual reality soccer game yet. and this could be the first.

no doubt that virtual reality games are taking over the market. It’s only been three days since the official launch of Harry Potter Wizard Unite and it already has more than 5 million downloads. Don’t you know what we’re talking about? Click here to learn more about this fabulous game.

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