Brawl Stars will also have its own battle pass

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Are you a Brawl Stars player? Surely this will interest you. After Supercell released a battle pass for Clash of Clans and another for Clash Royale, it’s hard to imagine a future without one of these for Brawl Stars. So stay and find out why Brawl Stars will also have a battle pass.

In fact, for the month of March, we at Androidphoria told you that Brawl Stars was planning to release its own battle pass. All this due to a survey they conducted within the game in which asked users what they would like to receive if they paid for a battle pass.

Why would Brawl Stars have a battle pass?

Brawl Stars Battle Pass

the battle passes always bring benefits to users. In fact, the Pass Royale has caught on very well within the Clash Royale community, since it is quite difficult to find a player without one of these.

All this, too, due to the cost of it: €5.49. a very cheap price for all the benefits it brings. Although Clash Royale is quite a different game from Brawl Stars, at Androidphoria we believe that the battle pass for this game could have:

  • Special aspects of brawlers.
  • Gold boosters.
  • Star Points.
  • reactions.
  • chromas.
  • Gems.
  • Emblems.
  • celebrations.

Even, all these prizes could be through quests. Some examples of this would be:

  • Perform 20 takedowns with Frank in Siege.
  • Win 10 games with Jessie in Catcher.

brawl stars gone taking things slowly and intelligently. Remember that they promised to release a new brawler per month and they have achieved it. In addition, they have included:

  • new coin (star points).
  • new skins.
  • chromas.
  • They remodeled the store.

From Androidphoria we believe that the Brawl Stars battle pass will be released in 2019. In fact, if the survey was conducted in March, they would already have four months perfecting all the benefits that this battle pass could bring. So this would be very close to being announced.

We even think that it will cost quite low, very similar to Clash Royale. But tell us Do you think Brawl Stars will have its own battle pass? Let us know in the comments.

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