Asterix and friends: the construction game of the popular comic is now available

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Do you remember the game Asterix and Friends that came out in 2016? If not, don’t worry. The point is that it is back with a remastered version for Android, iOS and PC. You have to remember that this village building game was initially released as a flash title for browsers. The new version, on the other hand, uses the Unity engine to look and function like a modern gamemaking the best use of your device’s resources.

And not only that. This update of the best known game of the popular comic adds a villager, new quests, trips and much more. Now you can visit Corsica, Spain and Great Britain, as well as participate in fun stories inspired by the places and history of the comic. Let’s take a deeper look at everything Asterix and friends has to offer.

Create your own Gallic village in the world of Asterix and destroy the Roman army

In Asterix and friends your main mission will be build your own Village, after the Romans have destroyed it. To do this, you will have the help of all Asterix’s friends. Of course, the game is not only about building. Sometimes you will have to face the Roman armyso you must select your team of warriors and train them, make weapons and armor, prepare concoctions, among other things, to defeat Julius Caesar and his minions.

The title also has an online component that allows you to join guilds or make your own to fight against other real players. Also, Asterix and friends has a relatively large world to explore with many quests and rewards with which you can strengthen your construction and fighting power. The missions are divided into five stages, each with nine exciting chapters.

asterix and friends android game

Download Asterix and friends free for Android or iOS

Asterix & Friends is free to play, but includes fully optional in-app purchases. In fact, you can disable these micropayments in the game settings. Another thing you should know is that Asterix and friends requires you to be connected to the Internet to be able to play. That is, it is not a game without the Internet. Yes, you are still interested, here below you have the download boxes for Android and iOS.

Asterix and Friends

‎Asterix and Friends

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