You can now buy Xiaomi’s HIMO V1 bicycle in Spain

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Xiaomi very recently launched a portable mosquito repellent ideal for taking it anywhere, and it is entering the world outside of mobile telephony. On this occasion we come to present a conveyance ideal for people who want to get around in cities with heavy traffic. The Xiaomi HIMO V1 electric bicycle offers us a new way to get around, for a very reasonable price.

The good thing about this electric bike is that it is foldable, it is practically portable and it has a very striking appearance. In addition, it has a lithium battery that allows us to go from 20 km at 30 km per hour. Although with a single charge it can reach 50 km per hour depending on the weight of the cyclist. It should be noted that this is an electric bicycle for one person, and it is ideal for those who live in cities with pollution.

Xiaomi HIMO V1 Features

Xiaomi HIMO V1 orange

On the handlebar of the bicycle we will have a device that will count the kilometers, which in turn will also have the button to turn the engine off and on. Furthermore, we can see the battery status, the speed in which we go and other details. As for its weight, it is only 16.7 kg, we will have a led headlight for when we use the bike at night. And in addition, it will have a rear light to alert people on the road.

In terms of security, we disc brakes to be safer, an adjustable seat made by PU. It’s clearly an attention-grabbing bike, and it’s been created to be ridden long and short without slouching. In other words, this bicycle helps us maintain a good posture and we will have two colors (White and Orange).

The price of this electric bike is reasonable considering its specifications, and you can buy it here on the green button. The store GeekBuying offers the Xiaomi HIMO V1 for only €299.49 because it has a pre-sale discount. Of course, since they are bicycles that you are going to pre-order, you will have to wait for GeekBuying to send you the unit that belongs to you.

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