You are gamer? Xiaomi has this mouse and this controller for you

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You are gamer? Well Xiaomi has interesting products for you. The Mi Home catalog has countless devices to make our lives more comfortable and also has exclusive items for the video game sector, such as the mouse and the gaming controller What are we going to show you?

For the gamer experience to be of quality, not only the titles themselves must be good; it is also important to have high-end peripherals. Get to know Xiaomi’s proposals for gamers!

Xiaomi gamer mouse and controller for mobile games

There are specialized firms that offer very good and expensive products, but carrying the Xiaomi seal guarantees a Great value for the price. If you have bought any device of this brand, surely you will have verified it.

Xiaomi Blasoul Y720: a professional gaming mouse

xiaomi gaming mouse

East optical mouse It has recently joined the ranks of Xiaomi MIJIA, and just look at it to see that it is designed for gamers. The Chinese manufacturer understands the needs of users and has created a very competent gaming mouse at a more than reasonable price compared to its rivals.

Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 allows gamers to expand the possibilities with 5 custom settings. His design has been awarded with the Red Dot Design Award, it is ergonomic and specially created to offer a comfortable and effective experience at the same time. Dispose of lighting with 31 LEDsin order to show 16.8 million colors which are combined in RGB mode.

Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 mouse design

In addition, it has the compatibility with an industry leader such as Omronso it is able to provide some very fast response timeszero latency, a movement precision of up to 0.1 mm, a duration of 20 million clicks. Look at all the features of the Xiaomi Blasoul Y720:

  • 12.8 x 7.7 x 4.1 cm and 350 grams
  • 5 configurable profiles
  • 7 mechanical buttons
  • 31 adjustable RGB LEDs
  • PMW3360 optical sensor
  • Sensitivity up to 12000 DPI
  • 20 million Omron switches
  • 32-bit motherboard with 48 MHz and frequency of 1000 Hz / 1 ms
  • 250 IPS max speed and 50G max acceleration
  • 1.8 m braided fiber cable
  • Macro Express support

It is a gaming mouse that offers fluid movements and stability, so that the experience is of quality. Its features make it a mouse capable of satisfying the most demanding players.

Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 mouse features

You can now get the Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 gaming mouse at resellers like Geekbuying. The best Christmas gift for a gamer!

Xiaomi X8 Pro: a mobile gamer controller

Xiaomi mobile gamepad

It is not Xiaomi’s first gamepad, since years ago it launched one intended for users who play on a Smart TV. But the Xiaomi X8 Pro is another story. It is a gamer control designed to get the most out of the mobile games.

One of its most interesting features is that it is allows great customization in your configuration. It has a design that is quite reminiscent of the Xbox One controller, with a comfortable and ergonomic layout of the buttons, the crosshead, the joysticks and the triggers.

It seeks to make a difference, offering functions that other mobile controls do not achieve. That is why it has a new balancing system in its support, in order to withstand better and more accurately turns in racing games or in shootersfor example.

xiaomi gamer controller

For connection with the smartphone, it has Bluetooth 4.0. Playing with this gamepad connected to the mobile greatly improves the experience, without neglecting aspects such as vibration. It has dimensions of 155.5 x 103.5 x 64.5 mm and is charged via a USB port, but it also supports wireless charging.

It has just been launched in China, but you can already buy the Xiaomi X8 Pro in stores like AliExpress, where it is for 42 euros with free shipping.

Xiaomi controller X8 Pro

With this professional gamer mouse and this controller to elevate the mobile gaming experience, Xiaomi expands its offer and steps strong in a sector where there is more and more competition.

They are certainly the best gifts that can be given to a video game lover. If you like this brand, you may also be interested in these Xiaomi products to give away for Christmas. And long live Xiaomi!

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