Xiaomi Smart TV P1E: new cheaper 4K TVs and on sale

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Were you waiting for an offer to change your old TV? If your answer is “Yes”you are in the right place. Xiaomi has released two new Smart TVs in Spainthe Xiaomi Smart TV P1E, televisions that arrive at an incredible discount.

The Xiaomi Smart TV P1E arrive in Spain: Android TV and 4K at a crazy price

Xiaomi Smart TV P1E arrive in Spain Amazon

With some differences compared to the Xiaomi Smart TV P1, which went on sale in Spain in the middle of this year, These new Smart TVs come with a 4K panel, Android TV and in two sizes: 43 and 55 inches.

The 43-inch model is sold for around €499, while the 55-inch model is slightly more expensive (€599). Similarly, Xiaomi announced that these Smart TVs come on sale (you can see the discounted prices at the end).

Smart TV ideal for enjoying movies and series

Xiaomi Smart TV P1E features

Yes OK there are not many differences with the Xiaomi P modelthey manage to stand out at first glance:

  • These new Smart TVs they support HDR10 but not HDR10+.
  • Frames are slightly larger than in the models we already knew.

On the other hand, The Xiaomi Smart TV P1E have the following characteristics (both models):

  • Sound: DTS-HD and Dolby Audio with two 2×10W speakers on the 55-inch model, and 2×8W speakers on the 43-inch model.
  • connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4/5 GHz), 3 HDMI ports and two USB 2.0 ports.

It is worth mentioning that by having Android TV, both models can access all content streaming apps (Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, etc).

Remember that the Xiaomi Smart TV P1 are still on sale, yes, these models have a much higher price than the ones we show you here (the Smart TV P1E are cheaper).

Price and availability of the Xiaomi Smart TV P1E

Xiaomi Smart TV P1E price and availability

As we mentioned above, the new Xiaomi Smart TV P1E are priced at €449 and €599 in their two models: 43 and 55 inches respectively.

Xiaomi has put both models on saleso the price of 43-inch Smart TV is €349, while the 55-inch one is only €499.

Incredibly, those prices receive an even greater discount if they buy on Amazon Spain. The 43-inch model can be purchased at a price of €299, offer that you should not miss. And the 55-inch model is out of stock (€399 on Amazon Spain).

With nothing more to add, if you want to take advantage of the double discount offered by Xiaomi on Amazonyou will have to enter here.

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