Xiaomi prepares the launch of a gaming headset

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It is more than clear that the Chinese company Xiaomi wants to be present in the “gaming” market. Well, some time ago we were able to learn of the launch of a laptop specially designed for gaming. As well as the Black Shark mobile, gaming phone which we talked about here a few days ago.

Now, the news that comes to us from China is that Xiaomi will start selling its first gaming headset. This gadget at the moment has no release date in Europe and America. So basically it’s a headset that will be marketed exclusively in Asia.

Price, design and features of the Xiaomi Gaming Headset

Xiaomi Gaming Headphones

The Xiaomi Gaming Headset will be available at a price of 349 yuan, something like €45.14. The images that were shared from Twitter about this headset let us know what its features are, as well as the type of design with which it reaches the Chinese market.

As far as design is concerned, Xiaomi opted for a minimalist and simple design. Of course, he ruled out the inclusion of the “Xiaomi” or “Mi” brand on the headset. You could say that at first glance it looks like a “generic” gaming headset. In the image that was shared today, a led strip on each side of the headset. The same can be change color using software that brings the gadget itself.

xiaomi mi gaming headset

As far as features are concerned, the xiaomi gaming headset stands out for the following:

  • 7.1 Stereo Surround Sound.
  • 40 millimeter graphene diaphragm.
  • Double microphone with ENC technology that reduces ambient noise.
  • Has two types of connector; one of 3.5 millimeters and another USB type C.

There are still no plans to launch this gaming headset outside of China, because at the moment Xiaomi has said absolutely nothing about it. launch of the same in Europe or America. But, if it were to be successful within the country, it would not be strange for the launch of the headset to be announced in the old continent, especially since Xiaomi products in Europe are looked upon with very good eyes.

Source: Xiaomi Store

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