Xiaomi launches Yunmi, a personal heater to combat the cold

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The cold of the harsh winter is approaching and without realizing it we begin to bundle up more and more. Unfortunately, no one has the power to change the weather and there are very few who can go to the other side of the world to continue enjoying the summer.

Luckily there is companies like Xiaomi that think about the well-being of peopleespecially in those who want to have a small heated environment.

Although the company that was responsible for the development of this heater was Yunmithe one in charge of distributing it is Xiaomi, although it has also put some other improvements to give it a more “technological” touch, so to speak.

The technology available for heating

Xiaomi heater

Do not think that this is a simple personal heaterWell, both Xiaomi and Yunmi have put everything into offering us a quality product. The heater casing is made of fire-retardant materials and also fire resistant. This ensures that the product will have a different temperature from the interior. In this way, even if the temperature rises to 250º inside, the outside will continue to be comfortable to the touch.

The heat generated by this personal heater arises through resistances that work up to 500W constantly. But that’s not all, well It has temperature control and protection due to the excessive increase in temperature. In addition, the heater automatically shuts off if it is over-stressed.

Price and availability

For now This heater will only be sold in the different Asian stores that Xiaomi owns in Asia. The price with which he arrives in that continent is €19, and we do not know exactly when it will arrive in our country.

In case your arrival is within the next few weeks, the price should not be higher than what we mentioned above. When we confirm the date of entry of this heater to Spain we will announce it on the site. Until then, the only thing we can do is wait… or purchase the product from one of the many Chinese pages that sell gadgets.

When we have the link we will put it in the article, because today it cannot be bought anywhere.

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