Xiaomi launches Qycicle: Your bike for children

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In recent weeks we are seeing more and more more Xiaomi products. What is most surprising is that they are not only about smartphones. Last week she presented his camera in collaboration with Google. We also talk about the Xiaomi electric scooter, whose price is really low. The Chinese company continues to surprise and is launching increasingly unusual and varied products. Xiaomi He is already finalizing the details of his new collaboration and we can already see the results. comes the turn of qycycle.

What is Qycycle? It is a children’s bicycle developed by Xiaomi. He has collaborated with another firm again. the bike will be marketed by Riding (Xiamen) Technology. A new product that continues to develop the diversification of the Chinese giant.

Features of Qycicle: the bike for children

Qycicle is a bicycle designed specifically for children. Therefore, the security is the main feature of this model. Count with one Ergonomic design and to ensure safety removed any sharp edges. Thus, in the event of an accident the damage is less or almost nil. The saddle of the bike is gentle and very comfortable, and made with foam. The handlebar is made to be able to stop easily, and it is also anti-slip. In such a way that the child can always brake by himself.

As it is a bicycle for children, they have launched two versions of Qycicle. The first is for younger children (who are still learning to walk). That model it has pedals, for ease of use. For those older children, there is a model without pedals. The great advantage is that the pedals are removableso a child can have the same bike for several years.

qycycle is now available for book in chinaon the crowdfunding page My Home. His price is 599 yuanwhat comes to be approximately €80. It is expected to launch in early June. What do you think of Qycicle?

Source | GizmoChina

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