Xiaomi launches a voice-controlled dashcam for the car

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Apart from their great smartphones, Xiaomi is also known for launching a multitude of gadgets on the market. Xiaomi has launched from cameras to scooters through a robot vacuum cleaner. Everything you seek you will be able to find. In addition, all these products stand out for having very affordable pricesone of the most recognizable characteristics of the brand’s products.

How could it be otherwise, today is the turn to talk about a new gadget. It’s about the Mijia Car DVR Cameraa dascham for your car. This camera is the 118th product that Xiaomi launches under the brand MIJIA, although it is not the last camera that the Chinese firm has published in recent months. We tell you more about this new camera for your car that can resist temperatures between -20ºC and 60ºC next.

Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR Camera Specifications

This new Xiaomi camera records up to Full HD 1080p resolution with H.264 codec thanks to the chip Mstar MSC 8328P. Despite not having HDR, this camera can record with great quality in all kinds of light situations, also in those cases with poorly lit areas.

The camera has a 2.19 MP Sony IMX323 sensor, which many of you may recognize, since it is common in dashcams. The camera has a wide-angle capture angle of 130 degrees, whose aperture is f/2.2. In addition to that we have three different recording modes: 1080p 30 FPS, 720p 30 FPS or 720p at 60 FPS. This camera also allows us to use microSD cards between 8 and 64 GB. Lastly, and very importantly, the camera has a 240mAh battery.

Possibly the most interesting feature of this Xiaomi camera is that we can control it by voice, so it works like a handsfree. We may ask you to carry out all kinds of actions such as recording video or taking photos. But, there is also a negative side, and that is that this function is only available in Chinese at the moment.

It is not known if Xiaomi will make it available in other languages ​​in the future, we hope so. This camera also has Wifiso we can connect it to our smartphone with the corresponding application and in this way orders can be given like taking a photo and sending it to our phone.

This Xiaomi model has license plate identifier and a accelerometer with adjustable sensitivity that serves to detect if we have had an accident. In case this happens, the camera will send all the voice and video data to our phone.

Installing the camera in our car is very simple. It has a rotating support that makes it adapt to all types of front windows (regardless of their inclination). The camera plugs into the lighter of the car, so Xiaomi recommends installing it at the top. To make this easier, the camera has a 3.5 meter USB cable. The price of this Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR Camera is 189 Yuan, approximately 24 euros. Will go on sale on November 10.

Source | gizmos china

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