Xiaomi launches a genetic testing kit so you know more about your DNA

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The company Xiaomi continues to surprise us when it comes to product launches. Well, today he launched a genetic testing kit that will allow people to know more about their DNA.

This kit is launched under the brand Miaomiaoce and aims to analyze the DNA of any person. The analysis carried out with this kit will reveal data on the health, personality, talent And many other things.

A health kit available to everyone

Xiaomi DNA Kit

This kit is made up of sticks with test tubes of small size that are taken to a laboratory to be analyzed. Once the patient completes all the steps to follow, which are indicated inside the kit, she must send the samples to the laboratory. When the company in charge of analyzing those samples finishes with the investigation, the results are sent to the phone of the patient.

It is necessary to highlight that this product was born from crowdfundingso its development was thanks to the support of thousands of people who invested money in it.

It can only be obtained in China

DNA genetic testing kit

Unfortunately, the genetic test kit that Xiaomi launched can only be purchased in China. The reason for this is that the tests collected with the kit are sent to a certified laboratory in China. That is why, at the moment, only Chinese residents can use this kit.

The product has different types of kit. Some of them allow us to know if in our DNA there is any of the 10 most common tumors. Another also lets women know if they pass the glamor testsomething that we have no idea what it means.

Xiaomi genetic testing kit price

Those who live in China and want to know if there is any genetic disease in their DNA, they must prepare the portfolio. Prices range from €18 to €50, it all depends on the type of kit chosen. Those that result in “advanced” health studies are more expensive than those that study things like “feminine glamour.” Hopefully this kit will arrive in our country one day.

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