What is Amazon Key and how does it work?

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There comes a time when you think you’ve seen it all but no… this has left us in awe! We talk about amazon-keya new Amazon service that aims to make the delivery man enters your house to leave you a package. Would you take? We tell you more:

This Amazon Key reminds us in a certain way of The Hub, Amazon’s smart mailboxes. But it is something more radical, since they enter your own house. You do not believe me? Don’t miss the video:

Amazon Key: What it is and how it works

Whenever something new from Amazon appears, it is impossible for us not to wonder what the thing is about. And it is that the new amazon-key promise. The company feels so comfortable with what it does and knows that its package delivery service is so good, that now it wants to come into your house to drop off the packages.

Amazon Key is a device through which you could trust your home to anyone when you are not at home. For the guys at Amazon, this is the future.

Amazon Key will be available in 37 US cities

It is not an idea that was born out of nowhere, far from it, because its expansion is close to starting. Specifically, Amazon Key will take its first steps in 37 cities in the United States. If things gel and go well, we imagine that it will be released around the world in the coming months.

How to get Amazon Key, how much does it cost and when will it be available?

To get it you must be subscribed to Amazon Prime. To do this, you will need to add it to the cart a Amazon Key In-Home Kit what would it cost $249.99 and would be available from November 8th onwards.

Operation may seem like a craziness but it is simple. Once Amazon Key is configured, you will be able to receive everything you buy within your home. You will only have to choose the home and the person in charge of the delivery will do the rest. Take a good look at the video above so you know exactly how it goes. Of course there is no waste 🙂

If you want to know more or add it to the cart as soon as it is available, you only have to enter the following url:

How about amazon-key? Do you think about buying it? Or hasn’t your head gone so much?

Via | BGR

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