The long-awaited LG Watch Style is filtered in real images

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We have been wanting to know the smartwatches of 2017 for a long time. And thanks to a leak, we have been able to see the impressive LG Watch Style in pictures. We are facing a smartwatch with a design that is not wasted. The design and style of this smart watch is very careful and has been made with great care, perhaps polishing the shortcomings and errors of other watches, such as the Moto.

As we see in a tweet from our favorite leaker, @evLeaksthese are the two versions that we will have available of the LG Watch Style. We do not know if later we will have more, but this is what there is for the moment. The appearance is brilliant. We love this smart watch.

LG Watch Style images design

LG Watch Style, images and features

As we can see in these LG Watch Style pictures, the design is very elegant. The LG Watch Style in the main image fits more with the style of boys, and this other LG Watch Style in the previous image is ideal for girls. I love it.

We highlight the right button What is it Very particular” and also the shape of the buckle, which is rarely seen in this type of watch. I like the round shape that it is more elegant than the ones we’ve had before, and it’s also quite finer and thinner. In the design I insist, they have been brilliant, because until now we had some nice ones, but mostly gross.

And best of all, is that it seems very comfortable. I think it’s the prettiest Android Wear smartwatch I’ve ever seen. I have the Moto 360 2, I think this model is even more beautiful. I would have to see it live and try it, but I love it.

What do we know about benefits?

For this LG Watch Style, we are talking about a screen of 1.2 inches OLED with a resolution of 260 x 360 pixels, with IP67 certification of course. Have 512MB of RAM for this Style and a 240 mAh small battery, but enough to last the day or day and a half. The enormous novelty is that it comes with Android Wear 2.0would be the first.

What we do not know and we are very interested in is the price. But it only remains to wait, remember that On February 9, the official presentation of the LG Watch Style will take place.

What do you expect from this smartwatch? You like what you see?

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