The best Xiaomi home automation devices that will make your life easier

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One of the brands that has the most smart home products is Xiaomi. The Chinese giant has an excellent line of home automation devices, and as usual, you can buy all of them at an excellent price.

Since we cannot show you all the home automation products that Xiaomi has because it would be a very long article, we have decided to bring you top 5. We are sure that all will be to your liking.

Yeelight smart bulbs are amazing

xiaomi smart bulb

With Xiaomi Yeelight smart bulbs you can do almost anything you can imagine. From an app on your Android phone or iPhone you can control the power on and off, schedule it to turn on at a certain time, place it in sunrise mode, etc. You can also put a wide variety of colors.

Another advantage of these LED bulbs is that they only consume 9W and have an average life of 9000 hours. maybe your price of €18 It may seem a bit high for a light bulb, but all its characteristics are well worth it.

With the Xiaomi Mijia 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner, you will never clean again

Xiaomi Mijia 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Another marvel of technology is robot vacuum cleaners, and Xiaomi’s 2-in-1 is one of the best on the market. Why is it 2 in 1? this little guy is capable of vacuuming and mopping, so it will not only pick up all the dust in your home, but it will also mop it up so it shines. Just imagine all the time you would save with it.

This robot comes equipped with 12 multi-directional sensors, so you don’t have to worry about falls or crashesIn addition, its 3500 mAh battery allows it to completely cover an area of ​​up to 180 m2.

At the moment you can take one for €328 With two years warranty.

Xiaomi’s smart thermostat is the cheapest on the market

xiaomi smart thermostat

This Xiaomi thermostat has a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor whose precision is 0.1º, almost perfect. It is able to link with other Xiaomi devices that can automatically open and adjust the air conditioner, fan, humidifier, etc.

It has an LED screen and requires a triple A battery to work. It does not have buttons, so everything is handled from the mobile. Its price is only €14quite a bargain, truth?

Xiaomi’s Petoneer air purifier is very powerful

petoneer xiaomi air purifier

Unfortunately, cities are more polluted every day, and all that pollution spreads through the air and enters the houses, finally resulting in our lungs. This is something that nobody wants, especially if you have a baby at home, so the Xiaomi air purifier can be of great help.

The Xiaomi Petoneer Air Purifier has 5 speeds. It has a carbon filter capable of removing bacteria, dust, hair and more. It also has the function of deodorizing, which is nothing more than eliminate the bad smell.

If you take one for €82, you will be saving a lot of money on visits to the doctor, medicines and all that discomfort that makes you suffer from diseases caused by all the pollutants in the air. Also, it comes with 2 years warranty for your peace of mind.

Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Smart IP Camera

xiaomi smart ip camera

This camera is ideal to monitor your pet, your baby and even to know if someone enters your house when you are not there. You can connect it to your WiFi or put a microSD card in it to record everything there, although it would be a waste of its full potential.

It has a lens covers a width of up to 130 degrees, has night vision and record with resolution 1080 FullHD. It has a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can interact with the person in that room.

You can manage it from your mobile with the Xiaomi Mi Home app and it only costs 22€.

These 5 devices sWith just a sample of everything that Xiaomi offers in the smart home section. If you want to see other offers from the Chinese giant, you can click here.

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