Tello, DJI’s cheap drone for 109 euros

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fly a drone It can be a lot of fun, especially if you know how to do it correctly, preventing it from being lost in the sky forever (how many have gone this way…). Now, decent drones are expensive and DJI brand drones even more so.

Some time ago DJI launched a “cheap” drone, the Spark, but this drone was still not cheap at all, as its price was around 500 euros (for many people it is an unattainable price). Now, in alliance with the Ryze brand, DJI has presented a real cheap drone. The new Tello it is the union of DJI with Ryze only that little of DJI has inside it.

DJI cheap drone

What does the Tello drone allow you to do?

Tello is built by the Chinese company Ryze but the curious thing about the matter is that it will be sold through the DJI website, although it will not provide after-sales service or support for the drone.

The Ryze will be priced at just 106 euros (I’m sure we can get it for less very soon) and it will offer, for this price, some interesting features:

  • 13 minutes Of flight.
  • 720p camera.
  • Collision detection.
  • Compatibility with Virtual Reality glasses.

Of course, it has interesting limitations such as its ability to fly only 100 meters since it is controlled by the mobile with the Tello app. It can rise alone, take off from the hand, do somersaults.

The Tello is not a drone for photography lovers, the Tello is a drone with which to have fun flying a drone and perfect to start in this world. Of course, it is not just any drone.

Tello enjoys DJI proprietary flight technologies, Intel technology and a very decent HD camera to take videos and photos of acceptable quality (5 MP). It is available in white, yellow and blue.

At the moment, as far as we can tell, no release date del Tello but it is already on the DJI website with the possibility of notifying you to know when it is available. If you want more information about the Tello you can consult the DJI website.

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