Take this incredible Xiaomi professional hair dryer for only €25

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It is no secret to anyone that Xiaomi, in addition to smartphones, sells all kinds of products. Without a doubt, this has been key for the Chinese brand to gain so much popularity around the world. And this time, you can take the Xiaomi professional hair dryer for only €25. An unmissable offer!

This portable negative ion hair dryer has everything you need to become your hair’s best ally. For launches like this Xiaomi is making a difference compared to other brands.

This is the Xiaomi professional hair dryer

xiaomi hair dryer

The Xiaomi professional hair dryer has a minimalist design that attracts attention. In addition, it is T-shaped and only available in white. If you compare it with other conventional hair dryers, you will immediately notice the difference.

On the other hand, it has a matte texture that makes it very pleasant to hold. It is necessary to emphasize that this dryer has a folding design. Thanks to this, when it is folded it occupies less space, so it is a very easy product to store anywhere. And if you want to hang it, it has a special hook at the bottom that will allow you to put it wherever you want.

The Xiaomi professional hair dryer is equipped with a flat mouth air outlet that connects to the device. It has two layers that reduce heat conduction and prevents burns more effectively than any other technology. Without a doubt, this is one of the most interesting features of the Chinese company’s product.

This portable negative ion hair dryer has a very fast motor, thus it is capable of providing excellent performance. Its maximum speed is 18000 rpm, with a strong wind of 12 m/s.

xiaomi dryer

It also has a fan with 6 wings and a professional dynamic balance debugging blades that help to cut the wind more delicately. This causes a fairly strong wind to be generated, but it does not become dry. Thanks to that, hair dries much faster than with any other dryer. Why? Because its generator produces negative ions that neutralize the static of the hair, making it more flexible and protecting it on a larger scale.

Xiaomi professional hair dryer is very easy to use. This only has two buttons: one to adjust the speed of the air, while the second switches between hot and cold air.

If you wanted a cheap and quality hair dryer, then this marvel from Xiaomi was made for you. Press the button below and take it home for only 25 euros, a really amazing price!

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