Take the Realme Band 2 home for €26 with this offer

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Smart bracelets have become a must have for any lover of technology, sports and health. Have a device at hand that does track all your activity it’s great, and in that the Realme Band 2 is one of the best.

This activity bracelet has amazing features inside, and is also accompanied by a groundbreaking price. But, did you know you can improve it? With the Realme promo on AliExpress at 11:11 you can have your new Realme Band 2 for only €26.

The Realme Band 2 has everything to take care of your health: 90 sports modes, oxygen monitor and much more

realme band 2 discount

Although it took a long time, the Realme Band 2 did not disappoint anyone when it was presented and that is because it is a brutal bracelet. Its design is very similar to that of a smartwatch and its 1.4” screen It is one of the largest on the market, something you will appreciate. In addition, inside it houses all kinds of sensors that allow super-complete monitoring of your health and daily activity. Some of them? These:

  • heart rate monitor in real time with activity alerts, blood pressure, stress monitoring, rest alerts and more.
  • Blood oxygen meter (SpO2)especially useful for when you exercise, or if you are a person who does not rest well or stays awake working.
  • sleep quality monitorwith recommendations to rest more and better.
  • monitoring of female health.
  • Step counter, calories, distance traveled and more.

In addition, the Realme Band 2 is positioned among the best bracelets on the market thanks to its 90 sports modes. Yes, there will hardly be any activity that you cannot record with your new smartband. Anything else? As you would expect, it has 5 ATM water resistance, so you can submerge it up to 50 meters deep.

Besides, its 204 mAh battery promises a range of up to 12 days of use, amazing for a device that is always active monitoring your health. Finally, we cannot fail to mention that the Realme Band 2 includes features such as weather information, alerts, message and call notifications, reminders, and much more.

The best of the Realme Band 2

✅ Large screen.
✅ 90 sports modes.
✅ Complete monitoring of activity and health.
✅ Autonomy up to 12 days.

Where to buy the Realme Band 2 at the best price during 11:11

realme band 2 best price aliexpress

We got to the part you were waiting for. During November 11 you can take home the Realme Band 2 for only €26, with shipping from Spain and guarantee. Its standard price is more than €35, so the discount is substantial. What should you do to buy it super cheap? This:

In addition to the normal discount for the date, November 11 activate the discount coupon on AliExpress for purchases of €26.58 or more and you’ll save an extra €2.66. Easy, truth? Sure you do, so don’t miss out on this promotion. Here is the link to access it:

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