Sony announces a new XAV-AX200 DVD player for its Android Auto line Did you know?

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Currently Android Auto has been positioning itself in the market and has become very popular in all parts of the world. It is for this reason that manufacturers are announcing devices for this new technology and Sony has just announced what would be its upcoming release for its Android Auto lineup Do you know what is it about?, nothing more and nothing less than a player called XAV-AX200 which aims to replace its predecessor the XAV-AX100.

At the moment we do not have iimages or price of this new player but according to the specifications it is very similar to its predecessor the AX100, this means that there is a certain probability that it is very similar but improved internally. Sony has only announced that this player is cooking but has not given an exact release date, price or images of the device.

XAV-AX200 DVD Specifications

sony xav100 player

I’m sure you’re wondering What does this player have inside? go taking notes because what this DVD has is very good for an Android Auto device.

  • 6.4-inch touch screen.
  • Medium Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
  • Built-in DVD.
  • 3 cameras external.
  • Support for SiriusXM and Bluetooth.
  • 4V pre output.
  • 10Wx4 RSM outputs / 55Wx4 Max.
  • Extra BASS from Sony.
  • 10 band EQ.
  • Compatibility FLAC over USB.
  • Configurable remote control.

Something that catches our attention is undoubtedly the integration of a DVD, today many players do not have one because technology has advanced too much that no one uses CDs or DVDs anymore. They store everything on pen drives and on their mobiles. On the other hand, something that we miss is that we do not know the resolution of the screen and the precise version of Bluetooth and above all we do not know how it looks.

Sony has announced in a press release that it will soon launchwill have a device called XAV-AX200 but they have not given any image to get the public excited about the release. Its predecessor has the same features but what sets it apart is the DVD player, although we don’t see this as necessary today unless you want to watch DVD movies.

Keep in mind that very little is known about this device, so if you want to buy a very similar version, don’t hesitate to acquire the AX100 for a price of 379.80 euros or you can wait until the end of the year to learn a little more about the AX200, it is already at your disposal and decision. What do you think of this next release?

Source | AndroidPolice

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