Philips PicoPix MaxTV is the Android TV portable projector you don’t know you need

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Although a Smart TV is a very tempting thing to have at home, thinking about a projector with Android TV is an even better option. Philips knows that this is so and that is why they have just presented the PicoPix MaxTV, a portable projector with Android TV that is great.

Features of the Philips PicoPix MaxTV projector with Android TV

In recent years, projectors have made an incredible leap between image quality, power and size. So much so that they manage to offer excellent results in a small formateven in adverse lighting conditions. Proof of this is the new Philips projector, the PicoPix MaxTV. Do you want to know him a little more? Keep reading, but first look at its technical data sheet:


Philips PicoPix Max TV

Dimensions and weight 158 x 150 x 119mm. 1.96 kilograms.
display technology Up to 120″ with Full HD+ resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), Texas Instruments DLP lamp with HDR certification, autofocus, keystone correction and automatic brightness.
Processor AMLOGIC processor (specs unknown).
Sound 2 x 12W speakers each
Connectivity and extras
USB C, Dual Band WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI and Ethernet port. It has Bluetooth speaker mode (no image).
Battery 4 hour autonomy in projection mode and up to 12 hours in Bluetooth speaker mode.
OS AndroidTV.

The PicoPix MaxTV is small, but big on quality

phillips picopix MaxTV android TV image quality

With a weight of less than 1.96 Kg and a format that fits in the palm of your hand, you might think that the PicoPix MaxTV doesn’t have much to give. However, there is nothing that is further from reality, because this projector can do it all:

  • is able to project images and videos in Full HD resolution (1920×1080).
  • Its lens with DLP technology offers an amazing image quality, with a contrast of 1000:1 and a time of service life of more than 30000 hours.
  • is able to project screens from 30 to 120 inches easily.
  • Includes 2 speakers with power of 12 W for each one.
  • It has auto focus, keystone correction, auto brightness adjustment and quite a bit more.

Unfortunately Philips did not announce anything regarding the power in lumens of this projector, but they do ensure that it will perform well in adverse conditions. Shall we go to the functionalities?

Android TV, Bluetooth speaker mode, and top-of-the-line connectivity

picopix maxtv phillips features specifications

Although what has to do with the image is the most important thing in a projector, we cannot deny that having additional features is a great thing. Philips knows how important this is, so it has equipped its PicoPix MaxTV with a bunch of them.

Of these, the most striking is definitely the incorporation of AndroidTV. This operating system adds numerous functions to the projector, so you won’t be limited to playing a few series and little else. Some of them? Are:

Is that the only thing special about the Philips PicoPix MaxTV? Not at all, because you can also use it as a bluetooth speaker only (no picture), and integrate Chromecast to stream content from your mobile to the projector wirelessly. You need more? It also incorporates Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band WiFi 5, USB-C connector, HDMI and an Ethernet port in case you don’t have WiFi.

And autonomy? It’s another cool feature for the size. The PicoPix MaxTV offers 4 hours of autonomy in projection mode and up to 10 hours in Bluetooth speaker mode. Yes, you can even watch Lord of the Rings movies without connecting the projector to the socket.

Price and availability of the Philips PicoPix MaxTV projector with Android TV

The new Philips projector has already been presented, and will be sold from November 5 for approximately €850. While you can take a look at the entire range of Philips PicoPix projectors at once, you might get one because they are so cheap:

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