Matrix Powerwatch: The first smartwatch with unlimited battery

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When we are about to buy a smartwatch we never forget its lousy battery life. Accustomed to automatic watches that only need to be wound from time to time or old wristwatches (which worked just by wearing them), having to remove the watch every day or every few days to charge it is a bummer .

Charging the watch every two days is not practical at all and in fact most users are not willing to pay for a smart watch because of this problem. The manufacturers have been solving the problem as they have been able but the truth is that they have not achieved anything really good, there are quantifiers that can withstand autonomy for more than a week but the solution must be that of the Matrix Powerwatcha watch that does not need to be charged.

Matrix Powerwatch: The first smartwatch that works without a charger

Matrix Powerwatch is the first smartwatch that won’t need to be charged and yes, will feed on our body heat to recharge which means it won’t need to be plugged into a socket to keep working.

Now, for now, the Matrix Powerwatch is just a project that is available on Indiegogo, although it has already reached the budget goal, which means finally getting to be available to everyone in September 2017. As we well know, all those who choose to finance the project will receive the watch for a lower price and the first units will also arrive in July 2017.

Matrix feeds on the energy of our body

We are not going to feel less energy, the watch only takes advantage of the heat that we give off and that is usually wasted completely. It is able to tell us how much energy we generate and in it we can find basic quantifier functionsmeasures the calories we burn, the steps we take, when we sleep and even serves to measure swimming training.

The watch hibernates when not in use and allows to exchange the spheres. All the data can be exported to iOS or Android mobiles through an application, it will even be compatible with Google Fit or Apple Health. We expect the watch to use Bluetooth LE technology to establish the connection.

Although it is not a proper Android Wear, it is one more step facing watches that do not need to be charged and if it really works some companies may copy the solution (or pay a possible patent) so that we can have Android Wear watches that do not need to be charged.

You can get the watch for a price of 124 euros (with shipping included) or less if you buy it among several, there are offers to buy packs of 4 for less than 100 euros per unit. Shipments will arrive between July and September, don’t miss out.

More information | indiegogo

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