Is it worth buying a Xiaomi Mi TV in Spain?

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Xiaomi has everything, rice cookers, toilet lids, sofas, mobile phones, tablets, PCs, etc. And yes, there are some devices that, although they are not 100% adapted for use in Spain, may be worth buying, such as the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, a laptop with features that we will not find in the Spanish market for less than twice what it costs .

However, What about Xiaomi Smart TVs? Is it worth buying a Xiaomi Mi TV 4A in Spain or any of its TVs? The answer is NO and today we will inform you of the points that have encouraged us to make that decision.

Xiaomi Mi TV Freeview

Why 3 reasons is it not worth buying a Xiaomi TV in Spain?

There are several reasons but we believe that these 3 are decisive for not getting a Xiaomi Mi TV 4A in our country. They are good options for specific cases and it is possible that even in your case it is worth it but in most of them it is not.

they are in chinese

When you turn them on quickly you realize that there is nothing internationalized. With the exception of the Xiaomi Mi Box with Android TV (a device that we recommend buying), all Xiaomi TV Boxes come in a Chinese that you will not like, you will not understand practically anything.

Language is a big barrier in most cases and makes adjusting a small parameter complicated and awkward. you can put the english settings with this app but the truth is that it is not comfortable at all.

Its price is not so cheap

They are not expensive, it costs between 180 euros and 323 euros for the 32-inch and 43-inch versions respectively, but for that price you can find a TV, even if it is not a Smart TV, of great quality and with all its software in spanish.

As an example we give you these two, perfect if you want a 32 or 43-inch TV:

As you can see both alternatives are even cheaper than Xiaomi TVboth LEDs in HD and Full HD like the 4A and, although without Smart TV, it will not do us any good in the case of the Xiaomi either.

They are not compatible with the TDT of Spain

And, finally, the Xiaomi Mi 4A TVs are not compatible with the DTT of Spain. This means that we will have to connect an external DVB-T via HDMI or enjoy TV through different Internet services or streaming services.

It is not worth buying a TV today and having to buy a DTT separately, having two controls and watching TV in a prehistoric way. Xiaomi TVs have only one analog tuner and you will be prepared for that, something that in our country no longer works.

How about? Have we cleared your doubts? If you want to know more about Xiaomi TVs, do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to help you in everything you need. With this we do not say that they are bad TVsnot at all, if you want a TV with a good panel and you are not going to watch TV but play Play or connect a TV Box it may be an option but if you are looking for what you would look for in a conventional TV, it is best to opt for one different option.

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