HTC Halfbeak: HTC’s First Android Wear

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HTC is not going through its best moment, despite the fact that the figures are improving and they are making a living as they can thanks to the Nexus and the Google Pixel, HTC is still not getting out of the cesspool it entered a few years ago .

Now, with all the big companies involved in the android wear market (a ruin of the market) many are surprised that HTC has not yet launched a smartwatch with Android Wear and even more so given the close relationship they have with Google. Android Wear, the mobile wrist operating system, needs more reference and strong support that demonstrates the potential of this technology.


HTC Halfbeak, this is HTC’s Android Wear

In fact, HTC has launched a wearable or, at least, it has presented it, but this HTC Halfbeak It would be the first HTC smartwatch to carry Android Wear and thanks to the leaked photos we can also see that it will be designed in collaboration with the Under Armor brand.

In addition to that, in the photos we can see several things, which will be a circular clock (actually the ones we like the most) with a 320 x 320 pixel displaywhich will have two physical buttons on one side of the phone (they will surely be a great support for the touch interface) and a few other things.

HTC will launch a smartwatch in collaboration with Under Armor

At the bottom of the device we can see that the clock will have a heart rate sensorso it will be designed for athletes (logical considering the collaboration with Under Armor) and that it will have a magnetic charge, something that may indicate possible resistance to water, very common in this type of device.

Nor can we ignore that the strap will be made of black and red rubber and that you will enjoy a design that looks pretty good. At the moment there are no more details, neither the approximate launch date nor if it will finally reach the market is known, but judging by the Taiwanese manufacturer’s leak, its launch could be very close.

Source | TechTastic

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