Google will launch two Nexus Android Wear with Google Assistant

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There are many reliable sources of information on the internet when it comes to rumors but when AndroidPolice chest out it’s rare that they make a mistake. Google could be manufacturing two Android Wear watches under the Nexus brand.

Yes, Google could be preparing the Nexus with Android Wear and the differences between one model or another would be quite a few: One would be more sporty with LTE, GPS, heart rate monitor, etc. and the other would be smaller and without mobile data or GPS. Google seems to be getting its act together and with two watches and two Google Phones, things could get interesting for the big G brand.

nexus smartwatch

How will the two Nexus with Android Wear?

It should be mentioned that like any rumor or leak there may be things that are not true but the truth is that it is not at all unreasonable to think of something like that, to be 100% sure an official confirmation is needed of Google that at the moment does not exist.

They are sure that the devices exist as prototypes but that doesn’t mean they’re going to hit the market or they won’t change some of their stuff before they do. What will Google watches look like?

There are several things that have been leaked and we will go point by point to be able to extract and synthesize as much information as possible, we know that they will be two clocks with full circular displaysLet’s start with the first.

Angelfish: A Nexus smartwatch for the most athletic

Angelfish (code name for the sports watch) would be a watch similar to the Moto 360 2 or the LG Watch Urbane. would have one smooth casing and a smooth, sporty lookwith 3 buttons (1 as a crown, surely with the possibility of turning).

Two different watches: Big and powerful or exclusive and attractive

In addition to that, it is known that it will not be thin at all, about 14 mm thick, probably due to its big battery and LTE chip although the diameter would reach 43.5 mm, somewhat less than the Moto 360. The finishes would be a dark gray (titanium).

From this watch it is also known that will not support interchangeable straps as the design might not allow it.

Swordfish: Google’s new watch for all humans

In the case of the more honest version, Swordfish, would seem fit to the Pebble Time Round without screen bezels and with a somewhat different position of buttons, although in general the style would be quite similar.

This watch would have only one button on the right side of the body with a very similar design to the Apple Watch, a delicate design. The dimensions would also be smaller, a body of only 42 mm and a thickness of 10.6 mmabout as thick as the Moto 360.

This second watch, surely cheaper, would be available in silver, titanium and rose gold color (pink gold). It would not have GPS or LTE although the heart rate sensor has not been ruled out. This model will be compatible with the exchange of mail.

android wear 2

Google Assistant, the key to the new Android Wear

Google Now is fine as an assistant but Google has incorporated Assistant into Android and now it’s time to take it directly to a useful area, Android Wear watches. Google Assistant would not be the only addition but the watches could also carry exclusive software features as opposed to other Android Wear.

As for the changes, it is considered that Android Wear faster accessing notifications and clock information, perhaps the 3 extra buttons give a lot of play in a watch like this, everything could be integrated into Android Wear 2.0 or in a new version 3.0.

The sphere of an Android Wear could show more interesting things like the location, the playback menu, the unread messages, the time zone and more interesting things as well as the number of steps taken thanks to the pedometer.

What does Google want with these two watches?

As we have anticipated at first, it seems that Google is determined to make the leap with a new branda new house brand that would use Google or Nexus as a reference.

Google wants to be like Apple and for that it cannot count on other companies, thousands of rumors speak of a certain independence and when the river sounds, something leads… We do not know what will happen but we believe that Google could be working on a certain independence for win in features and exclusivitythe latter Apple is quite good at and is necessary to succeed.

Google needs exclusivity and that can only be achieved by doing everything yourself

Google and Android Wear are threatened by other companies like Samsung with Tizen in its Gear S2, the latter has proven to be more efficient and powerful than Google’s platform. It is true that Android Wear is a standard and standards always help us to have more things, but at the moment Android Wear cannot be said to be consolidated as the standard since the sales and launch figures for this type of watch are not too high either. …

We strongly believe that Google will launch these two new watches but we do not know when it will be released, how much it could cost and how is the level of development. What do you think?

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