Google Home Mini: is it the cheap assistant you need?

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It is no surprise to see how Google has introduced the Google HomeMiniIn fact, we have known its design for a few weeks and we know practically everything about it.

Today, we clear up doubts with all the official information. In the presentation, the Google Home Mini did not attract much attention since, despite seeing the light for the first time in San Francisco, the small speaker had already been completely filtered. In terms of design and shape it looks more like a hockey puck than an assistant but its texture is very different.

Google Home MiniApp

Google Home Mini: is it what we were waiting for?

This is what people will ask, worth it? Well, the reality is that yes, it costs 49 dollars instead of 129 dollars, it integrates practically all the functions of the original Google Home in a small size and with a velvety texture (who does not like velvet?).

The new Google Home Mini is more of a response to Amazon and its Amazon EchoDot than a way to help the user discover personal assistants. The limitations of the Google Home Mini with respect to the original are not many.

Same as Google Home but smaller

Of course, under this fabric that covers it there is a surface capable of recognizing gestures tactile but at first glance it does not seem so. On the other hand, it must be remembered that audio output will not be as good like the one in the larger Google Home but has the same access and features as the Google Assistant: you can ask questions, set reminders, get news updates and more…

Despite being presented a while ago, the Google Home Mini is now available to reserve in the Google Store for a price of only $49. As for the smaller stores we will see it for sale on next October 19 and its launch is not expected in places other than where the original Google Home has been launched. It will be available in 3 colors: Chalk, Charcoal and Coral. Do you want to have one in your house? Remember that now Google Assistant already speaks Spanish but it is still early for it to do it really well.

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