Forget vacuuming thanks to Homgeek, a robot that will do everything for you

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Are you going to continue vacuuming your home and using the broom, being able to let them do it for you? Robotic vacuum cleaners have come down a lot in price in recent years and it is now possible to get some great quality ones for very little money.

The Homgeek is one of those vacuum cleaners that is sold at a very good price but we have something that you will love, a discount coupon for you to take home for a ridiculous price, less than 75 euros. Of course, you should know that the units are limited and that the discount coupon is only for the first. If you want it, don’t think too much about it.

cheap robot vacuum cleaner

What does the Homgeek do? Is it used to vacuum the home automatically?

If you are interested in having an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner with remote control, the Homgeek is one that you will love. This vacuum cleaner has anti-shock function and it can easily vacuum up hair, debris and dirt on the floor of your home.

As you can see enjoy a round and elegant body and can automatically vacuum your home, with smart programs. In addition to doing it automatically, it can also be controlled with a remote.

It is capable of cleaning 200 square meters on a single charge.

The Homgeek is perfect for small homes or large homes. Thanks to its large battery it can work for 120 minutes without stopping and clean 200 square meters on a single charge.

It is perfect for floors wood, deck, marble, tile, carpet and even canvas. The device in question comes with a plug for the European Union and its noise is less than 45 db.

His reservoir is 450 ml and can accumulate a large amount of dirt. It will charge in 3-4 hours and can work for 90-120 minutes, it will depend a little on the layout of your home.

Homgeek vacuum cleaner

Are you going to continue vacuuming your house manually if this does it for you?

Remember that the Homgeek has an automatic mode of operation. You will leave him in your home and he will do the chores for you. It is perfect for houses with 50 square meters and up to 200 square meters. In that case that your house is bigger you can schedule two cleanings, you leave it in one part of the home and then in another to clean everything.


If you buy it now using the discount code HTYVH you will save 23.45 dollars and it will stay at a price of 74.42 euros, with free shipping and without customs problems.

It is a great price, without a doubt for this money it is not worth continuing to vacuum manually, you can go home and rest instead of having to vacuum. As for TomTop, it is a very reliable store. You will receive it in about 10 days and without added customs costs.

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