Everything your gamer setup needs

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Table of Contents

Whether you want to start streaming on Twitch, or you plan to exponentially improve the place where you play your favorite video games, it is practically essential that you know the things you need to have a good gamer set up.

If this is your current situation, we want to tell you that you are in the right place. Here we will show you all the elements you should have in your gamer room when playing video gameslittle things that will raise the level of your set up.

The 5 things you need to have a good gamer set up

What things do you need to have a set up gamer

Before we show you the list in question, we must clarify that it is based on the gamer sets up of thousands of people. I mean, we have sought opinions from video game players in forums and social networks.

In addition, we leave aside certain elements that are taken for granted that must be present in a set up, what elements? Helmets, sound system and webcam.

Support for screens and televisions

Support for screens and televisions

Are you still one of those who think that the computer screen should be supported on the table or desk? If your answer is “Yes”we have to tell you that this is very old fashioned.

acquiring audiovisual supports for screens and televisions of good quality, you will gain a lot of space on your deskthis will allow you to have much more room to comfortably play your favorite video games.

Even if you want you can use that space to put elements related to the gamer world: figures of popular sagas or any other type of decoration.

Gaming chair and table

Gaming tables and chairs for set up gamer

Once you have your screen or Smart TV hanging on the wall, you should choose a good desk, as well as a quality gamer chair.

Although there are thousands of gaming chairs cheap on the market, only a few have lumbar support (a very important feature that you must take into account when buying a chair of this style).

When you have decided on a gaming chair, you will have to select a table that suits your needs.

There are some that can be adjusted in heightalthough the reality is that a wooden table to support a game console or a PC is more than enough.

gaming mouse and keyboard

Keyboards and mice for set up gamer

If you play on a video console, you should not dismiss this section, because both Sony and Microsoft consoles are compatible with gamer mice and keyboards.

As far as keyboards are concerned, we We recommend choosing one that meets the following characteristics:

  • Ergonomic.
  • That has RGB type lights.
  • It should be mechanical.
  • If possible, it should be wireless.

On the other hand, the mouse you should buy would have to meet the following specifications:

  • adjustable DPI (1200 minimum).
  • wireless.
  • that includes programmable buttons.
  • That it has up to at least 4 extra buttons.
  • If possible, it would have to include some kind of weight system (to adjust the weight of the mouse).

If you are looking for a gaming mouse and keyboard following the specifications that we mentioned above, you should not have any problem when finding the right one. “perfect combo”.

led type lights

Led lights for set up gamer

If you made it this far, we have to tell you that This section depends a lot on the personal taste of each gamer.Well, not everyone likes to have a gamer set up full of LED lights.

Similarly, there are products on the Internet that can look great on a table, or behind the screen used to play, what are these types of products? Well, neither more nor less than the famous led strips.

These strips full of LEDs usually include remote controls that allow you to change the color of all the LEDs simply and quickly. In addition, to install them it is not necessary to know about electricity, because they include transformers that are connected to the plug.

mini fridge

Mini fridge set up gamer

Last but not least, if there is something that every gamer should have in his set up, or rather his room, it is a small fridge, so that? To access your favorite snacks without leaving any game.

There are several options that can be found on the Internet at a very low price, since the most accessible ones do not usually exceed €100. Similarly, we we recommend you go for those smallenough to put 3 or 4 cans of soft drinks and the odd snack.

Without anything else to add about it, we would like to know what else you would put in your gamer set up, We want to know your opinion! Leave it in the comment box.

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