Don’t know what to give? Here you have the best technological options

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Although Christmas Day may have passed, the season of gifts is not over. If you have run out of ideas this time you do not have to suffer. And it is that, after looking and looking through all the stores, we have found the best tech gifts for every budget. This time you have all the work done.

The best tech gifts for any budget

The best mobiles to give away

If there is something that could not be missing, it is the best phones of the moment. We have them in all colors, flavors and, most importantly, prices.

For less than 100 euros – Nokia 3

Perfect if you want to have a decent phone that can last from day to day without spending too much. It is ideal for those who go to use it little beyond WhatsApp. In its favor, constant updates, good performance for its price and the reliability that Nokia brings us They make it a very good option. We can buy it right now on Amazon for 99 euros in its white version.


Between 100 and 250 euros – Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

Did you expect the Mi A2? We prefer the true king of the mid-range. With a double camera, both front and rear, which gives a lot of play, does not have too much power either. The Snapdragon 636 and 4/64 GB seem more than enough to us and we can’t say no with a so solid and nice design. It’s not even expensive, you can buy it on Amazon for 209 euros, one of the star gifts this Christmas.

Redmi Note 6 Pro christmas

The mobile of the year for less than 600 euros – OnePlus 6T

It may not be the best, but it sure is. has won the title of mobile of the year. With one of the most powerful configurations on the market, a design almost without a notch, a camera that this time is up to the best, it is unrivaled for less than the 549 euros it costs on Amazon.

OnePlus 6T

Furthermore, it is one of the first phones with a fingerprint reader on the screen, a technology that we assure you first-hand that it works like a charm. If you want to be above the rest with your gift, you just found it.

The best accessories you can give

Not everything is mobile, and it is that accessories They are also entitled to their minute of glory. Of course, these three that we have chosen have earned it by hand.

Less than 20 euros – Aukey speaker

The gift perfect for the invisible friend or if we have a low budget. For 15 euros we find a fairly compact Aukey speaker, which measures up perfectly.

cheap aukey bluetooth speaker

It has surprisingly powerful bass for its price, as well as a very good power (3W), which together with the fact that it is extremely light at only 290 grams, makes it a perfect option to throw a party anywhere.

Less than 50 euros – RZGY headphones (AirPods style)

because already It is not necessary to spend more than 100 euros to have the AirPods. If you want to show off at a lower price, we’ve found the perfect headphones for you. Exactly identical to the AirPods, with noise cancellation, a battery of up to 60 hours and Bluetooth 5.0 to give us a binaural audio very up to par, we can’t think of better headphones of this type for the 39 euros they cost.

cheap airpods bluetooth headset

Less than 100 euros – Amazfit Bip

We close with one of the best and cheapest smartwatches of the moment. And there is little we can say about the Amazfit Bip that you do not already know. Few offer the same as him and also more than 20 days of battery. It simply has no rival, not even in its price, and that is that the 79 euros it costs are light years ahead of the competition.

Buy Amazfit Bip English version cheap

3 tablets of all prices perfect to give away

Does a mobile stay small? Do you already have the OnePlus 6T? Do not worry, you can also give a tablet. And here below you have three for all pockets and for all audiences.

For less than 100 euros – Amazon Fire 7

Undoubtedly one of the best options especially for the little ones. Is orA tablet with which to start in the world of technology or watch series until our eyes water. No, it is not the most powerful option, but its price does not do justice to its performance, and it flies with our day-to-day tasks.

Amazon Fire 7

Also, now buying the Fire 7, Amazon gives us 90 days of Amazon Music Unlimited, better impossible.

Between 100 and 250 euros – Chuwi HiPad

If you can afford something more powerful, the Chuwi HiPad is your goal. With the Helio X27 with ten cores and 7000 mAh battery, it’s perfect for spending whole afternoons playing the most demanding games on the Play Store. Definitely, a good gift for a gamer for less than 200 euros.

launch chuwi hippad gaming tablet

The king of Android tablets – Galaxy Tab S4

If you want a top tablet but iOS gives you allergies, there are other options in the Android world. Among them stands out the Galaxy Tab S4. With the most power on the market, a raucous display and storage to stop a train, it’s second to none.

Galaxy Tab S4 Price

In addition, it is one of the most designed for productivity, since has the S-Pen so characteristic of the Samsung Note range. If you were looking for a powerful and useful tablet, this is your gift.

A TV that is not Smart does not make sense, so you can solve it

For less than 50 euros – Roku Express

If the experience of a Smart TV is not important, but you just want to enjoy the series, Why buy a TV Box? The guys from Roku make it easier for us, with their device to be able to use all streaming apps, like Netflix and co., on TV.

roku express

Yes, we we recommend you give it away accompanied by a blanket with which to snuggle up for a good series marathon.

For less than 100 euros – Xiaomi Mi Box

A true classic. If you have been looking for a TV Box, you will know that It is one of the best options for less money that you can find With Android TV, you have a large ecosystem of available applications, and in addition supports 4K resolutions. You certainly won’t find anything better for this price.

Xiaomi TV Box international

Going big – LG 4K Smart TV (49-inch)

If a TV Box falls short, it is best to go big. AND, what better than a Smart TV? But not just any, no. We are talking about the latest LG model, with an impressive screen in 4K resolution of 49 inches, and that also has Artificial Intelligence. Your Honor, there are no more questions.

SMART TV 4K 49 inches LG

If you don’t know what to give, give intelligence for the house

Okay, maybe intelligence you can’t give away, but yes smart home gadgets. And it is that in full swing of the Amazon Echo and company, we can control everything from them. Absolutely everything.

Control even the lights with the Xiaomi Yeelight bulb

Did you know that Xiaomi has a smart light bulb that you can control from your mobile? With a single touch you can turn it on, change light color, intensity… The possibilities are limitless. Of course, it is a more than original gift and with which you will be in luxury for less than 30 euros.

Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW

Control everything and spend less energy with a smart plug

Another of the must-have of every owner of a smart speaker is a plug that can be controlled with it. And it is that being able to turn on devices with a few words is tremendously effective and comfortable. Of course, a gift that all visitors love to see and browseat a knockdown price.

alexa smart plug

The one who sees and controls everything – Amazon Echo Dot

But all these gadgets are meaningless without something to control them with. If you want to start someone in the “smart” world, there is nothing better than the Amazon EchoDot with which to have Alexa at home. If you put it together with the previous two, you will be giving away the house of the future. And the best thing is that we will not leave too much money on the way.

Amazon EchoDot 3

Have you managed to decide on one of the gifts on our list? Tell us in the comments what you are going to give this holiday season.

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