Do you want a quality smart lock? Xiaomi has it

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Having a smart home is becoming less complicated and more so if we turn to the products of Xiaomi home automation. The Chinese firm is not only selling its mobile phones but also has a lot of add-ons for sale that are just as or more interesting than these.

One of the products that we liked the most is the Xiaomi smart lock, called Zelkova. This allows us to open our door intelligently and at the same time boasts a very modern design. You want to know more?

Zelkova smart lock

What is a smart lock for?

The lock can already be obtained and in the package, weighing 4 kg, we will have everything we need. A control center, the lock and even a user manual. Of course, we need to know some English to read it well or else better not get involved with it.

As for its design, you should know that it is available in gray and black, with a high-quality metallic material. Having said that, let’s talk about its functions.

  • On its dial, the one we can see with numbers, we can enter the PIN opening. We have an X button in case we make a mistake or an acceptance button to validate the PIN.
  • The lock has a small screen, or displaywhich allows us to see the battery level.
  • At handle, which has a small circle, we have a fingerprint reader. An important addition to this Xiaomi Jushu lock.

If for some reason we run out of battery in the lock we can recharge it with a small micro USB port that integrates, to be able to enter the house. Of course, it has mechanisms to prevent this from ever happening.

It does not allow to use a normal key, but it has 3 unlock methods

No old-fashioned keys with this new lock, we will have 3 different methods to unlock it:

  • Numeric key or PIN.
  • Fingerprint.
  • Smartphone. Well, it has an application that allows us to open our lock. It is compatible with Android and iOS mobiles.

We can even combine various methods to increase the security of the lock, requiring two of them, all 3, etc. The battery of this lock lasts about 18 months opening about 10 times a day. However, when it has less than 10% charge it sends us a notification so that we can change the 8 AA batteries which integrates

Where is this lock bought?

Xiaomi Jushu Smart Security

The lock works without problems for doors with a thickness of between 5 and 10 centimeters. It is a little more expensive than the conventional ones since its price goes up to 270 euros. You can get it at Geekbuying and we assure you of high reliability.

Take a good look at which one you need because this one is only good for right opening.

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